April 5th 2020

A week of miniature surprises!

Wow, March is full of craziness! Friday the 13th, Pi Day, and St. Patrick’s Day are all around the corner. While we’re hosting other events, we’ve decided to release some miniature events that are available and running for a limited time only! Read carefully for more information on these limited time events.

Friday the 13th: Some say that the number thirteen is the root of one’s ill fortune while some cultures believe that this number is a symbol for good fortune. Some even tie these special dates of the year to horrifying lores that have been shared. On GoodBlox, we’re running a limited time, special sale that involves the release of a strange mask and a few other assets. You can find our catalog here.

Pi Day: We will be uploading some Pi Day related assets available for a limited time only. You can find our catalog here.

St. Patrick’s day: Good fortune is around the corner! Do you believe in your inner luck? Limited stuff is available for a small amount of time and we’re also hosting a sweet giveaway on our Discord server. There will also be a livestream.


We’re good.

~ Jiquor, GoodBlox Creative Director

February 8th 2020

GoodBlox Objects Revealed…

About a few weeks ago, Tawny and I were messing around and creating new hat ideas for the community to enjoy. I had also discussed the possibility of a similar event with the community as well. For fun, we decided that we would not only open a portal for Mysterious Objects to pour into the catalog and sell the grab bags for 50 Tickets, but we would also mess with code to open up the portal wider for more objects to pour through our galaxy. The idea was that these object would be similar to a grab bag. People would buy it and then it would morph into something else later.

For the size of our community thus far, I was genuinely surprised to see many of our mysterious objects sold on the in-game catalog. That’s also why we decided to open the portal wider – to let more objects pour through our side of the galaxy.

“Mysterious Objects Sighted on Goodblox!” proclaimed our February 1st News article. We posted the original three Haiku, providing reasonable hints for people trying to figure out what was in each box. These clues ranged from easy to hard. We not only added two more, but we also made an even more mysterious mystery for the third mysterious object.

Haiku #1 (easy)

Threaded fastener,

Twist around; face them! Hold fast –

Lest they be faster.

The first line totally gives it away. It’s a screw. I mean, how many objects can you think of that are “threaded fasteners”, can “twist around” and hold things tight? The poem plays on the fact that the word “fast” has many different meanings.

Figure 1: Screw

Haiku #2 (medium)

Curdled, but dauntless

Struggle for your dignity

But beware of mice

Haiku 2 was slightly more difficult. Most people picked up on the words “curdled” and “mice”, concluding that this was a cheese hat.

Figure 2: Cheese Hat

Haiku #4 (hard)

Dios Achilleus:

One head among thousands when

Illium died in fire

The fourth poem was tricky. It not only contained material that’s suitable for college students taking literature, but it also contained material for those who take an interest to ancient medieval times.

Dios Achilleus is an ancient Greek epithet (it means “Godlike Achilles”) for Achilles. Illium is a name for the famous city of Troy. The haiku references the Iliad, the epic story of the sacking of Troy by a Greek army. Some smart folks believed the box could contain a Greek army helmet. And they were correct.

Figure 3: Hoplite Helm (Coif of Glory)

Haiku #5 (easy)

Sugary, Sweet, Cold,

Fizzing, Drinking, Bubbling,

I can’t get enough

The fifth poem was easier than most of them. Some folks picked up on the words “cold” and “fizzing”, which had people originally conclude that this was going to be a Bloxy Cola and that we were going to be adding Gears to Goodblox. Little did they remember that these objects turn into hats, and our timeline also doesn’t account for wearable tools (gears). Those realized later in our Discord server that we decided to make a joke saying that we were going to be adding gears to Goodblox by using an image file to fuel the joke. Some believed it, but when the real item came out, people knew the truth.

Figure 4: Soda Hat

Haiku #6 (hard)

Like natural swords,

Sway, sway, the windy prairies

They sway like berries

The sixth poem was honestly tricky for some folks. Some discovered that the box was green, and a few picked up on the words “sway” and “berries”, concluding that this was a plant based hat of some sort. Some people thought it was a tree, some people thought it was another Root hat, and some people thought it was a bush. If you think about it though, “natural swords” and “sway”, along with the color green means that these were actually ferns.

Figure 5: Ferns

Mysterious Object III

Now all the riddles are solved, except one. In fact, the real game was just beginning…

Suggestively, there was a paragraph in our blog post which indicated the possibility of a third Mysterious Object after all. After the mysterious quest event, some people started to discover there was a Mysterious Object III in the Recently Updated hats list, and, even more astounding, some people were finding it and it the box in their inventory!

Poem #3 (impossible)

cl0ck to w0rk,

Highly dereferenced.

No tea requested. All g0ne.

This poem talks about the taboo mistake of letting Clockwork roam the web-site where he used a null pointer to wreak havoc on our catalog (which caused a crash), but doesn’t give any real hints as to the nature of Mysterious Object #3.

The Quest

Thus began the quest for Mysterious Object III. The blog post told users where to start looking: one of Telamon’s places, Sword Fights on the Heights.

In this level, people could find a screw that, when touched, would print a cryptic message. If one reached it, the following message would appear:

They fight for glory.

They fight for ampthiton.

A large arena. What awaits?

As you fight for

Death before dishonor.

Some figured out that this pointed to a large arena. But what arenas are there on Goodblox? We turn to GOODBLOX User “GrandMelee” to find out the next clue.

In his level (Grand Melee Arena), people could find a Hoplite Helm that, when touched, would print another cryptic message. If one reached it, the following message would appear:

Atop the crooked mountain.

For a trail of the survivor.

The harsh winds blow,

as you ascend…

Higher and higher!

This is an obvious message. It’s pointing to Clockwork’s level, Mt. Goodblox. It’s a large mountain, so there has to be something there.

In his level, people could find an Idea Symbol that, when touched, would print the eight stages of life coined by a psychologist, Erik Erikson.

Trust versus mistrust.

Autonomy versus shame/doubt.

Initiative versus guilt.

Industry versus inferiority.

Identity versus role confusion.

Intimacy versus isolation.

Generativity versus stagnation.

Ego integrity versus despair.

The eight stages of life, in order, mean these basic virtues: hope, will, purpose, competency, fidelity, love, care, and wisdom. As you can tell, this points to Erik Erikson, a well known psychologist for coining the eight stages of lifespan development. Some folks found a place, Quiet Psychology, belonging to Erik Erikson, which was very similar to Swinburne’s place called “HERE, where the world is quiet”. Both places are where you would go to finish the quest to obtain the third mysterious object – but on Goodblox, the orbs had to be collected in order, and they were scattered in different places compared to Swinburne’s version. Both levels were similar to the Garden of Proserpine, a desolate piece of Underworld real estate. Hidden in the level are 4 spheres which correspond to specific lines of The Garden of Proserpine:

Dead dreams of days forsaken,
Blind buds that snows have shaken,
Wild leaves that winds have taken,
Red strays of ruined springs.

After finding the four spheres in order, you could gain access inside the shrine which contained a very reflective box. Users who found this were told that the prize for finding Mysterious Object III would change depending on how many people found it. So anyone who got this far in the treasure hunt would no longer be willing to share information. It became a very personal quest from this point on. This box told the user to send Erikson a message with the subject “PSYCHOANALYSIS” along with the four collected poems in order. People who did this by last Monday were issued Mysterious Object III later. After Jiquor’s stream, Erikson stopped accepting friends requests because Mysterious Object III was for people who had solved the entire mystery themselves, not people who had obtained the answers from others.

The Winners

To be honest, I didn’t expect anyone to be able to solve my very complex and arcane treasure hunt. However, no fewer than 12 people made it all the way to the end. They completed the puzzle in the following order:

  1. Mehrio
  2. Tawny
  3. cole
  4. blocky
  5. lolo999
  6. akelarre
  7. salmonid
  8. DuckHunt
  9. Person
  10. Zangoose
  11. Cokie
  12. ian
Figure 6: The Final Object

All winners will have discovered at this point that there Mysterious Object III has become The Void Star Gift Box, and they will have in their inventory a fierce-looking Teapot known as The Void Teapot. It’s current market value is 25,000 tickets. The Void Teapot will be on sale in the future; the Gift Box is intended as momento for those who solved these fiendish riddles. There are only 12 copies in existence held by their rightful winners.

Mehrio was rewarded a bonus of 1000 R$ for being the first person to solve the puzzle – and the only person to do it in less than a few hours. Dude, that was really incredible; I have no idea how you did that. Salute!

The Quiet Psychology level is now public and un-copy-locked, if any beta testers are curious to play through it, explore it, or dissect the scripts in it.

~ Jiquor

February 1st 2020

Mysterious Objects sighted in Goodblox!

Ah, yes. Some of us remember that fateful day when odd, tiny, gray cubes appeared on the catalog and took over ROBLOXia on August 9th, 2007. Authorities and ROBLOX Journalists believed that the boxes are a massive cover-up by the government, and some believe that they were forged by extraterrestrials from a distant galaxy.
People were purchasing ones collected and sold on the catalog before they vanished forever – those holders believed they were merely regular boxes while some were caught levitating and spinning in a clockwise direction. Certain folks even found clues in one particular level that provided hints to the nature of the mysterious objects.

However, nobody expected the return of these boxes after they appeared again in 2009. It’s eleven years later though, and it seems that users have reported spotting not only gray objects, but they have actually spotted boxes in different shapes, sizes, and colors as well. If there’s one thing that’s known, it’s the fact that the legendary third mysterious object had failed to appear from this dark galaxy, even for the Goodblox Rogues Team…

Nobody has reported cryptic messages in any Goodblox levels yet, but this is merely the beginning. Anything can happen at any given moment, so it’s best to brace yourself for the inevitable…

What is known is the fact that players have already reported the first two boxes in the Goodblox Catalog which are being seized by the government and re-sold for fifty Tickets. After government officials had conducted their research on these boxes, it seems that they have grown stronger than ever. Not only have they sustained different shapes, colors, and sizes, but they also seem to be permanently trapped in our side of the universe as well. Once they come in, they will not only resist going back into their darkest home galaxy, but they are resistant to vanishing as well, it seems…

~ Jiquor
Goodblox Creative Director

January 22nd 2020

Goodblox Emoticon Contest Results

The results are in and people have voted! It’s clear who the winners are, but we must announce them here and on the blog (at least when my family dinner is over tonight, I’ll be gone for a little while). Created by yours truly for the last five hours with lots of trial and error, each of the following winners not only get this exclusive Goodblox trophy, but they also get a hefty amount of exclusive awards for winning!

The GRAND PRIZE winner will have their submission featured on this Discord server, and they will also have it created as a new, exclusive face inside the in-site virtual Catalog, along with being awarded the hidden custom item (coming soon). They will also be awarded a special Badge, and they will be awarded 1.5k ROBUX!

The SECOND PRIZE winner will have their submission featured, they will have a badge and a special custom hat, and they will be awarded 1k ROBUX!

The THIRD PRIZE winner will have their submission featured, they will have a badge and a special custom hat, and they will be awarded 500 ROBUX!

Without further ado, here are the results!
FIRST PLACE: Goodblox User “Person”, who created the “Pete” emoticon!

SECOND PLACE: Goodblox User “lolo999”, who created the “Skeleblox” emoticon!

THIRD PLACE: Goodblox User “cohen”, who created the
“Your Best Friend” emoticon!

Figure 2: Bluebulb

Every other participant who entererd the contest will be awarded this Bluebulb, a hat originally featured in a contest from Goodblox V2! Congratulations to everyone who entered the contest. You all did great!

Finally, this will likely not be the only face uploaded to Goodblox from the emoticon contest. If you’re lucky, yours could still be uploaded at a different date. Stay positive, everyone!

Congratulations, winners!
– Jiquor, Goodblox Creative Director

January 19th 2020

Winterstravaganza is here!

What a year we’ve had! Our website has launched to the public and we’re many steps closer to finishing Goodblox as a whole. Our staff team has been doing all they can to monitor players and communicate with players, and we have been busy trying to solve problems and issues as we speak. We understand that there’s folks that would like to sign up for our revival-sandbox-platform, and to do so you must message one of us for an Ignition Key. We prefer you join our Discord server first to do so.

At the very moment, we’re just getting around to wrapping up our Emoticon Contest where the top winner will get a hefty prize, which also includes a custom made trophy that uses not one, but TWO meshes from the 2007-2009 era. Right now you can go ahead and vote on your favorite one by visiting this survey and completing it: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/N5HS98J

Some of you may have been seeing mysterious gift boxes appearing throughout these recent few days. These are very special boxes that are awarded to users when they do something that the gift requires them to do. Why not try looking at the descriptions of the gift boxes to determine what the requirement is? They might give some sort of clue.
For the rest of Winterstravaganza, the following is happening:
– A Winter event is going on, which is a custom-made Giftsplosion to celebrate our recent feats and the Winter season as a whole.
– Winter-themed stuff will be uploaded all month long. That includes stuff that isn’t winter themed because we’re behind on the catalog’s schedule.
– We will be featuring a Winter Showcase, where the winners will get a fantastic badge for being a Showcase Winner, and those badge holders will also walk away with The Ice Crown and a trophy!


Welcome to the GoodBlox Showcase section! Users will be able to test their creation skills, knowledge skills, and helpfulness skills to be able to win Goodblox Showcases. People who win the showcase will be featured in a blog post, and they will win a super cool trophy and some virtual currency on-site. Please remember our rules and respect them. At the very moment, there are three badges that depict what winners get when they win a section of that Showcase:

Starting from Left: “Creation of the Week” | “User of the Week” | “Post of the Week”

Our first showcase launches on January 24th, 2020! The results will be announced on the twenty-sixth of two-thousand-twenty, January.

Thank you all for your support!
~ Jiquor, Goodblox Creative Director

December 19th 2019

We’re Public!

“And as those bricks forged together, more of them started to come together rapidly. The first level on ROBLOX was created from these bricks alone, but there was nothing else beside a mountain of bricks in the center of a lone baseplate. As ROBLOX continued to develop, humanoids were appearing out of thin air and they were sharing what they had to offer creatively. Updates revolutionized ROBLOXia, staff members came and left, and the virtual currency, Tickets, were banished from ROBLOX later on.
Suddenly, a glitch in the matrix opened a mysterious portal that humanoids before 2010 could see. Some entered this portal, leading them into the world of GoodBlox. To some, it seemed this place was a dream come true, or merely a mirage. Days later, more humanoids, even those created recently, saw these mysterious portals and stepped in for their next amazing adventures…”

The Chronicles of GoodBlox, V.68

GoodBloxians, we’ve done it. At its current state, the GoodBlox web site has released to the general public. GoodBlox is aimed to replicate ROBLOX as it was in the year 2008 in all its glory. We have things that ROBLOX no longer has that many players are going to enjoy, such as two currencies, the GoodBlox Forums, classic icons and renders, and so much more!
Of course, we are unable to make everything as it was 100% accurate, and that also goes to say that nothing and nobody is perfect. We are humans, and that means some errors will occur along the way, but we are doing our best to replicate everything as best as we can for our wonderful community. Some of those inaccuracies include never-before seen events, awesome new assets, and users + their unique id’s. However, we assure you that a lot of these features and items are necessary to make GoodBlox a successful revival. Remember: we welcome player input, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know

We have a new, never-before seen User Badge on GoodBlox, the Beta Tester Badge! This neat badge signifies users that have registered an account on GoodBlox during the beta testing period. All Beta Testers will also receive news, updates, and event information ahead of the general public, and some other awesome perks!

Finally, we have worked hard to bring GoodBlox to you, even during our busy lives. KJF and PrankedBro have a thrilling education, MrPinball64 is working a job and involved with other projects, and Jiquor is working three jobs, attending college, working on two projects, and supporting his significant other (whoa)! However, even if staff members have busy lives, we’re still working hard on GoodBlox and we do not plan on disappearing any time soon. The site is still not fully complete, so we rely on everyone to submit suggestions and bug reports – even some reports might qualify for virtual currency or a unique, never-before seen asset on GoodBlox!

Remember that you can always contact us by posting on the Goodblox Forums, and you can also message GoodBlox staff members on GoodBlox or the Discord server, where we all are to answer any questions, concerns, and comments you have about GoodBlox.

– Jiquor, GoodBlox Creative Director

November 4th 2019

Ads! Ads! Ads!

Advertising is now out for everyone, as you might have seen all over the site.

How It Works

To create an advertisement, go to an item/place you made and press “Advertise This Item”.

Download one of the templates, and create your ad. A good looking advertisement will make more people want to click it. After making your advertisement, upload it then select the size of your ad (this is important). Once uploaded, you can find your ad in your ad inventory

Once uploaded, you must wait for the ad to be accepted. When it is accepted, you can bid for your advertisement. You can only bid tickets, and the more you bid, the more impressions you will get. Try not to bid too much, but bid enough so people will see it. The ad will run for 24 hours.


Why do ads just appear as black lines?

Turn off your adblocker. It’s possibly because it has the same size as a real advertisement. We won’t show you any real advertisements.

Where do the advertisements show up?

Banners show up on the top of every page (Best size to run, but many others will be running their ads there too.)
Skyscrapers will show up on the side of the games page
Large Rectangles will show up on profile pages

What if I want a custom URL for my ad?

DM KJF on discord.


The site looks more lively now! When games come out, you’ll be able to run ads for them too. I’m sure this will help many aspiring clothes and game makers. Have fun!

Community Engagement

October 26th 2019

Trade Currency is here!

I previewed this in Sneak Peek: Upcoming Features about 3 days ago, and now it’s here.

How it works

It’s very simple currently. 1 ROBUK = 10 Tickets, and 10 Tickets = 1 ROBUX. You enter if you want to convert your ROBUX or Tickets, and enter how much you want to convert. Trade Currency will then calculate how much you will get, and tell you.

I’m sure this feature will be very helpful in the future. You can access it from the My Goodblox page or at https://goodblox.xyz/my/currency/ now. Have fun!


October 23rd 2019

Sneak Peek: Upcoming Features

Straight from the secret lair somewhere in GOODBLOXIA, we bring you a sneak peek of some secret features we’ve been brewing up.

Trade Currency

Sometimes you might really want that new hat that came out, but you’re just slightly off. We’ve all had that problem. Luckily, Trade Currency will be coming to our rescue soon.

Here’s a partly finished version of it, as our code wizards are still working on it. You’ll be able to convert 1 ROBUX into 10 Tix, and vice versa. I’m sure this will be very helpful when it comes out.


You might want to invite your friends over to GOODBLOXIA. Soon, it will be about 5% easier, via the wonders of email.

Let’s just hope your friend actually checks their email.


You just spent hours on your new shirt. You upload it and wait. You check back later, and you haven’t gotten any sales! The harsh reality of Capitalism.

Luckily for you, advertising is coming. You create an advertisement in your favorite image editing program (paint.net is a good one!), and then you upload it to the GOODBLOX website. Once it’s moderated, you can then place bids on the ad and run it. The more you bid, the more people will see it. When you place your bids, your ad will run for 24 hours.


I can’t send any pictures of them, but I’ve been hearing bits about this from the top-secret room I’m not allowed to go in. From what I’ve heard, they should be coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled.


There are many exciting things in the future. I’m sure I’ve even left some unfinished features out, but it’s nice to be surprised sometimes. I gotta go now though, these potions won’t brew themselves.