September 17th 2020

Secret, Sacred Wanwood

This is it – this is real, this is the box that started it all. Wanwood was just beginning to make its reappearance in ROBLOX, back when the particular type of wood was thought to be extinct. Scientists rediscovered this type of wood back in 2007 and they found out it was not only easy to grow, but it was also growing at an alarming rate (and a single Wanwood tree would merely take no more than three days to grow into a full, beautiful tree).

When one of the trees died, a researcher at ROBLOX Headquarters discovered that Wanwood was extremely easy to shape into stuff – accessories, clothing, and even car parts. (But why?) They thought they could make interesting milestones with this newly found discovery; first there were conversations about making a crown, then a sombrero, then a mask out of this material, but then Telamon came up with the best idea. He thought he might be able to turn it into a brand new item during Giftsplosion, and so they went to create this box. Who knows what lies inside?

Telamon was surprised that the requirement of this box stumbled people’s minds, sending players into slumps of confusion. Originally, he gave it to players that said the word “tree” on an item comment, forum post, or personal blurb. When we got this gift imported over to GOODBLOX, we thought we’d spice things up a little. I originally hinted on the blog post, “Pink, Can We Truly Hate You?“, that you might have to focus on one specific category. When I saw people submitting entries into multiple categories, I discussed the requirement with my good friend (who doesn’t play), and she thought it might be better to think about all the categories instead of one. Of course, only twenty-nine boxes were obtained for free, and congratulations to those who either read my previous blog post on the Speckled Pink Gift of Pinksplosion or figured it out on their own. You can get it for 300 GOODBUX now – limited time only.

We can’t wait to see more users win some gift boxes in the near future. If you made it to the end, I should mention the Global Voting Challenge has received 182 submissions and that means you only need 18 (count, EIGHTEEN) more submissions to reach 200 submissions. If you reach 200 submissions before 11:59pm PST, you will win a bonus event at Super Minigames!

Thank you.
– Jiquor
GOODBLOX Creative Director

September 15th 2020

Prize Update: Olympic Building Contest


We’re excited to announce that there are some prize changes to the Olympic Building Contest. We also want to spread the word that the contest is still going on, so if you haven’t participated or entered yet, you might want to enter hyperspace by clicking one of these hyperlinks.

Click here for the contest rules.

Click here to advertise your entry.

Click here to go back home.

The following prizes can be earned by meeting the requirements on your GOODBLOX Olympics Place and they must happen before September 20, 2020 at 11:59pm P.S.T:

We can’t wait to see more users build cool entries and visit other people’s places. This community has indubitable creative energy and we hope to see a lot more entries over the next five days. Happy building!


September 14th 2020

A Year to Remember

Various members of the community with KJF


It’s almost been a year since we’ve started the third reiteration of GOODBLOX, which has proven to be such a success, despite many bumps we’ve been through along the way. We have a fantastic community that’s growing beyond what we expected, we have many talented community members creating awesome content, we have items unlike you’ve ever seen in the classic days of ROBLOX, and we have an incredible staff team.

Jiquor before his termination – by “doc”

Our server was created on the 23rd of September by JackGamesFTW with assistance from other staff members. After about three or four days, I was invited to help out with the project (mostly because I’ve been in the other two inderations of this project beforehand). It’s no surprise that I took on a creative role early because of my (almost ten year experience) with ROBLOX (May 2007 – January 2017). With that, I’ve risen from a simple Administrator, to a Creative Director, and now, I’m the Co-Owner. I am proud to serve fellow GOODBLOXians, but I am more than proud to swing the banhammer too. But don’t let that discourage you from chatting with me. I’m usually friendly!

We think our mission to become A Different Revival Project has been a success. Members of the community are friendlier with one another and folks are having endless fun on the forums, various Places, and even in the comments section. This is one of the first revival projects as well to have a classic web site layout of ROBLOX, which shows how nostalgic we really are. This community is also designed to be friendlier than all the ones that have existed throughout the Old ROBLOX Community in general. We think things are looking great! But with a lot of work and updates over the horizon, we can transform this project as a whole…


I’d like to celebrate the third reiteration of GOODBLOX more than we ever have before. This is our true one year anniversary – a year in which we’ve truly stayed alive. We knew we would get there, even when the existence of GOODBLOX was uncertain at a few occasions. And we couldn’t have done it without you – the community of GOODBLOX. We couldn’t have done it without KJF, and our contributors. And even if Pranked_Bro is no longer here, we have to at thank him for at least starting the project and attempting to bring people together. Long live GOODBLOX!


Community Day – September 2020

We have a wide range of surprises for the entire community. Stuff being brought back, a special sale, a new event, and best of all, a brand new concept called Community Day. We were going to host our first Community Day on the weekend, but once we remembered our anniversary date, we had to host it on the day of our anniversary. But after that, each Community Day will be hosted on the weekends. If you complain though, I’ll ignore you or ban you. Do I need to repeat myself? You get the memo. We appreciate positivity and appreciation with a side of constructive feedback, and that shows well throughout the community.

SEPTEMBER 20: The GOODFEST Catalog Sale starts!
SEPTEMBER 21: Eggstravaganza re-opens!
SEPTEMBER 22: One day of Reign of Tickets and GOODBUX!
SEPTEMBER 23: Community Day, featuring The Golden GOODBLOXian!
SEPTEMBER 24: Lucky Item Festival re-opens!
SEPTEMBER 25: Our new event releases! Wait for details.
SEPTEMBER 26: GAME DAY: Battle Day opens! Wait for details.

On September 27, 2020, everything shuts down right when I wake up. Reign, Community Day, and Game Day abide by a schedule. The poll for the sale goes up soon, and it will start sometime on September 20, 2020.

We can’t wait for our brand new users to partake in the events that they missed back then! One thing I’d like to remind our users of: when it comes to a fear of missing out, you (mostly) don’t have to fear! We try our best to make items obtainable and events playable throughout the months to give new users a chance to earn some fabulous prizes. It doesn’t happen for every item and event, but when it does, you better take the chance!

Let’s keep bringing the community together.
One step at a time.

– Jiquor
GOODBLOX Creative Director

July 12th 2020

Black Iron Gift of Pwnage

The masked malefactor has struck again! Late last night, he sent the web site into maintenance and distributed the gift to thousands of GOODBLOXian homes. We reported his motives a couple of days ago.

Users found that they got this mysterious (and shiny) blue box if they didn’t have a 1-day ban or more on their account record. He left a sale tag for the staff team as well, which appears to expire in 48 hours from now.

Now we have a cryptic news wire from the GOODBLOX Police commissioner Carl Burgundy:

Police Report                                          ID: 5f3759df

We’re having trouble getting to the Root of this problem. The thing is, it doesn’t square with everything we know about GOODBLOXians. See, most of them don’t break into places and leave gifts. This guy is doing the inverse. And he’s doing it fast.

The commissioner also pointed out that all the houses burglarized this time belonged to known advanced-level bloxxers and up. Whoever broke into their houses must be either supremely confident or insane. In any case, they’re dangerous and citizens should not attempt to apprehend them themselves.

– Jiquor
GOODBLOX Creative Director

July 1st 2020

Paintball Tournament Updates!

June, June, June! Incredible paintball action! Skilled athletes, armed to the teeth, have won against various teams to move up in the quarter-finals! Six teams enter the gauntlet to compete for the top prizes, but only one team of five players can win! It’s all going down July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Mark your calendars! We made the diagram easier to understand in this update as well, and match times were (mostly) carefully accounted for this time.

If you are competing in the quarter-finals make sure your team knows when they’re all supposed to show up. 4,000 GOODBUX and 5 Builders Club memberships are on the line, so get your act together. Gamer3D had made a trophy for this event back in 2007 to be given to the winning team. (You’ll be able to wear it on your head like a hat – you’ll look ridiculous but everyone will know you’re a deadly with a paintball gun.) Be sure to be the winning team to win this item with fierce determination!

Here is the updated tournament schedule. Save this image to view a larger-sized version of it.

Jiquor will be managing all aspects of this tournament as per usual. He is the ultimate referee and what he says goes. When the dust settles, he’ll let us know who to award prizes to. Jiquor is back home until the 10th, so he may be difficult to contact at times. The semi-final and the final will also be live-streamed on Twitch!

Finally, don’t forget to check out the PTB team visors in the Catalog – support your favorite team with a piece of PTB memorabilia. We’ll be increasing the prices of these visors after the tournament, so act fast!

July 1st 2020

Sale of Independence

Hey there GOODBLOXians! We’ve made it more than halfway through this horrible year. However, that doesn’t mean it was horrible on GOODBLOX! We’ve made some awesome feats recently, and it’s almost Independence Day as well. Those feats include reaching 5,000 registered accounts onsite, celebrating another Showcase, making big changes to how games work, and ironing out some important bugs. That’s why I thought, “What couldn’t be more exciting than an on-site catalog sale?”

That’s why we’ve decided to run a sale from July 2nd, 2020 at 1:00p.m PST (UTC -8) to July 5th, 2020 at 1:00p.m. PST. There will be some amazing new items coming to GOODBLOX, there will be items coming on-sale, going off-sale, and being sold at discounted prices.

We also had a poll which lasted for a short time where users could vote on their favorite items to be featured during the Sale of Independence. Keep in mind that this blog post serves as a preview for some of the items that are being featured during the Sale, but this isn’t all of them. Way more than what’s listed below will be featured during the Sale of Independence. With that said, here they are!

Some items that are going back on-sale:

Some items being sold at a discount:

New items coming to GOODBLOX:

Left: Headband Of Sneaky Pwnage – by doc
Center: Fish Face – by Tawny (with help from Jiquor)
Right – American Styles – by Corviinus on ROBLOX

Additional information

Be sure to pick up a long-awaited item that’s being released on the 4th of July. It’s been in our catalog for nearly a year, and we’re finally excited to release it. You can only get it on this day. After Independence Day has passed, it will never be obtainable again (and not even during any other Independence Days in other years) unless we add Limited items and trading, which is extremely, extremely, EXTREMELY unlikely. In fact, don’t even think about it because it’s not going to happen especially while I’m still around. When I move on in 2021, that might change? We’ll just have to wait and see. . .

Also, we’re pleased to announce that Gear items will exclusively become available before Summer ends (hopefully in July like I originally thought). We hope this feature gives users a chance to create more epic games on GOODBLOX, and we hope that people will spice up their avatars with great looks. See the poll results below.

Finally, Political Top Hat won the sale poll, having 32 votes total. This item will come out during the sale for 150 G$ and it will not be available after the sale ends.

We hope that our game days have prepped people’s wallets for purchasing items during this GOODBLOX catalog sale. Keep going – this isn’t the end of your adventure!

~ Jiquor
GOODBLOX Creative Director