February 10th 2021

The results are in!

Despite some delays, the Grand Prix results have come in. Here they are:


1st: RainbowSoft
2nd: Aerivus
3rd: Cataskeri

8 total submissions

Tropical Obby

1st: Hunter
2nd: ninja20022002
3rd: legoworld98

39 total submissions

Down Hill Smash

1st: Stots
2nd: legoworld98
3rd: Hunter

56 total submissions

Escape The School Obstacle Course

1st: 200
2nd: sam0
3rd: Devenus

53 total submissions

Halloween 2020: Frozen Over

1st: Aerivus
2nd: Stots
3rd: N/A

8 total submissions


1st: legoworld98
2nd: Hunter
3rd: sMicah

16 total submissions

The Super Mega Fun Obby Course

1st: Person
2nd: DuckHunt
3rd: Noodles4lunch

11 total submissions

All prizes have been awarded as of 2/12/2021 at 8 AM EST.

Thank you for taking part in this event!

– ezra & xyrafrost

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January 31st 2021

The GoodBlox Grand Prix!

On your mark, get set, GO! It’s time to race in GoodBloxia’s favorite games. Here’s the list of games and their criteria:

You’ll have to record footage of you beating the game (Preferably with a timer) to be counted in. Multiple submissions are allowed! You may submit your speed demo here, with a database of all submissions here.

“But why should I participate?”, you may ask. Plain and simple, there are some pretty neat prizes for getting the fastest times. (And even participating!) Please note that only your highest placing for one game will be shown. Without further ado, here are the prizes!


700 G$ + Checkered Crown


500 G$ + Checkered Skateboard


300 G$


150 TX + Checkered Flag

And now, some additional rules.

  • Don’t use any cheating software.
  • You cannot use end-game perks on a new run.
  • Time is counted in frames.
  • Obby games (Down Hill Smash, Tropical Obby, etc.) start when you first move and end when you hit the final spawn.
  • Multiple people can do boss fights, although game interaction is required.
  • Derailed Can have up to two people in the carts.
  • Your highest placement in any game is the one that gives you the prize. You cannot win multiple games.
  • Abusing hats is prohibited.

All of them being worn by the fashionable asset creator, letic86.

Event ends 2/7/2021 at 5PM EST. Now start speeding your way through any/all of the seven games! Remember to take breaks, practice, and most importantly… HAVE FUN!

– ezra

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January 9th 2021

The Grand Melee Tournament Winners!

After a very tough competition between some of the best bloxxers in Goodbloxia, five titans have emerged victorious! These five battled their way to the final round through multiples of other competitors.

Each of these five winners will be receiving The Kleos Aphthiton, a very rare artifact that is exclusive to this event.

Exclusively, the 1st place gets the Black Iron Crown of Pwnage as the Grand Prize.


Without further ado, the winners are:

What are the prizes?

The prizes are…

1st) 3 months of Builder’s Club, Black Iron Crown of Pwnage, The Kleos Aphthiton and 1000 Goodbux.

2nd) 2 months of Builder’s Club, The Kleos Aphthiton and 750 Goodbux

3rd) 1 month of Builder’s Club, The Kleos Aphthiton and 500 Goodbux.

4th) The Kleos Aphthiton and 250 Goodbux.

5th) The Kleos Aphthiton.

For people who has participated in Round 3, will be rewarded a participation award that will soon appear in the catalog.

That marks the Grand Melee Tournament! Thanks everyone for participating (as the servers were being laggy and soon crashing…)

– igames

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January 7th 2021

The Grand Melee Tournament

Welcome to the GOODBLOX Grand Melee Tournament! Inspired by Aunarky’s Paintball/Brickbattle Tournament, this tournament will also be a Player vs. Player (PVP) tournament. However, it will be solo and it will be with the normal linked sword, and as well hosted by me, igames.

When does the event start?

The event will be starting at 2 PM EST / 7 PM BST today, January 7th 2021. It will be hosted through 2 days, day 1 for Round 1 and 2, and day 2 for Round 3.

EDIT: Round 2 will occur at 11 AM EST / 4 PM GMT / 5 PM BST and Round 3 will occur tomorrow 8 PM BST / 7 PM GMT / 2 PM EST.

How will the tournament work?

The tournament will operate according to a ladder system. On January 7th, Round 1 will occur. I’ll be selecting the first 32 people with reached 50 KOs in order to proceed to the next round. As it goes through, Round 2 will also occur at the same day, except only the 32 competitors will be fighting to get the 25 KOs mark, which only the top 16 competitors will be lasting for Round 3. On the next day, January 9th, Round 3 will occur as the Final Round – you’ll have to fight against others to get reach 75 (instead of 100 KOs) KOs as the final round.

How are you gonna operate the KDR system?

As much as we know, the automatic KDR system is hard to know. Sometimes when a person logs in, for ex. 7 pm EST, it might be 4-5 am for me to handle it. Which I have decided that I will be monitoring it instead spending midnight hours when you reach the mark of 50KOs/25KOs and etc. I’ll be writing the KDR and add the KOs/WOs after Round 1, Round 2 and eventually Round 3.

What are the times that will occur?

For Round 1, it will occur as long as there will be the first 32 competitors that has passed Round 1. Round 2 will be same as well, except for top 16 competitors. However the Round 3 will be set until the deadline ends, it will be scheduled tomorrow.

What are the prizes?

The prizes will be..

1st) 3 months of Builder’s Club, Black Iron Crown of Pwnage, The Kleos Aphthiton and 1000 Goodbux.

2nd) 2 months of Builder’s Club, The Kleos Aphthiton and 750 Goodbux

3rd) 1 month of Builder’s Club, The Kleos Aphthiton and 500 Goodbux.

4th) The Kleos Aphthiton and 250 Goodbux.

If you qualify for the Top 32, you’ll recieve Warrior’s Headband.

If you also qualify for the Top 32 you’ll recieve Grand Melee Tournament Trophy.

In the meantime, I’ll be releasing extra hats dedicated to the Grand Melee Tournament Event. Be sure to look out for them, because they will be off-sale after this event occurs (or maybe something mysterious happens)!

The Colosseum map in Round 3 was built by legoworld98. Contributed by Delightful.

Now be brave enough and be sure to participate! As they say, the Plastic Iron Blades. Now fight!

– igames

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December 27th 2020

Wrapping Up the Gifts

Now that all the GOODBLOX holiday gifts have gone out, it’s time to clue you in on what the gifts are and how they work.

Over the past three weeks, people have randomly been finding gifts in their Stuff collection. You got a gift if you met a certain condition at the time when the gift was being given out. The condition was different for every gift.

Each gift had a 4-day cycle. You had two days to meet a gift’s requirements, and then it was given out. It was then put on sale in the Catalog for two more days in case you didn’t meet the requirements in time. Each gift opened on Christmas to reveal what was inside. Due to popular demand, you will be able to keep the boxes (some might even argue that the boxes are the real collector’s item).

Here’s a list of all the gifts. “Number awarded” is the total number of people who got the gift for free.

Crimson Gift of Good Citizenship

Number awarded: 769
What was inside: Racing Helmet

Who got it: All accounts that had logged in since Dec 1st AND didn’t have any moderation actions placed against them for the 30 days before it was given out.

Chancy Gift of Roshambo

Number awarded: 80
What was inside: Scissors

Who got it: All accounts who beat deo at
Rock Paper Scissors by putting “rock” somewhere in their profile blurb.

Lucrative Gift of Mercantilism

Number awarded: 1335
What was inside: Tixsplosion

Who got it: All accounts who had ever completed at least one currency trade.

Neon Gift of Self-Actualization

Number awarded: 242
What was inside: Thought Fortress

Who got it: All accounts who posted a comment on the gift.

Tragic Gift of Reparations

Number awarded: 118
What was inside: Helm of the Flashing Bolt

Who got it: All accounts who were killed by a GOODBLOX admin at Santa’s Winter Stronghold from Dec 14 to Dec 16.

Royal Gift of Kings

Number awarded: 315
What was inside: Golden Top Hat of Bling Bling

Who got it: All accounts who had owned at least one of the following hats: Golden Crown, The Void Star, The Crown of Warlords, Princess Hat, Tiara, Golden Tiara, Golden Egg of Kings, Domino Crown, or the Nitro Crown.

Ruby Gift of Ambassador

Number awarded: 221
What was inside: The Fire Skull of Evermoor

Who got it: All accounts who had successfully referred at least one user to GoodBlox via the Share GoodBlox with a Friend mechanism.

Sparkling Gift of Championship

Number awarded: 110
What was inside: Platinum Crown

Who got it: All accounts with the Bloxxer Badge
(KOs > 250 and KOs > WOs).

Icy Gift of Surprise

Number awarded: 78
What was inside: Frozdeeri

Who got it: All accounts who completed the huge puzzle spanning multiple games to achieve the gift.

The idea behind the gifts was not that people would collect them all – I don’t think most people got them all for free. Some of them were meant to be easy to get, others hard. Some were meant to be obvious, others cryptic. I tried to make most gifts the sort that new players had just as good of a chance of getting as veterans. At the end of the day, who can argue with getting free stuff?

And for the first time ever, we had an awesome LIVE event on Christmas to reveal what was inside all the gifts.
There was a 10-minute countdown for everyone to get into the game, and then one-by-one, gifts were brought up and exploded to reveal what was inside. Whenever a gift opened during the event, it also opened on-site, and everyone who owned a gift earned whatever was inside of it. It was LIVE, in REAL TIME!
If you missed out, or you’d like to re-experience the event, you can always replay the event here. The initial countdown has been lowered to 2 minutes for replays.

Happy Holidays!
– rocket

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December 26th 2020

Something’s up in downtown GoodBloxia…

Hey everyone, Ezra here reporting in the downtown area.

There have been some mysterious doors appearing, and we don’t know where they lead or who built them. These doors have strange properties, such as a queue or just being unable open them. If you have any leads, please contact me as soon as possible.

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December 23rd 2020

Protected: A little something extra…

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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December 19th 2020

Protected: The chosen may see this.

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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December 16th 2020

Protected: There’s more to come…

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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December 16th 2020

The site has been hacked!

Attention all GOODBloxians,
At this moment in time, the entire site has been seemingly compromised and everyone is panicking. Accounts are being hijacked left and right, with avatars and bios even being altered. Things are not looking to good out there.

From the initial start of the incident to where we are now, the situation has been increasing in urgency. We’ve done all we can so far, that is why we call upon all of you to act. It’s up to you to help us fix this mess.

Speculation and rumors state that there is supposedly a secretive cult-like temple hidden somewhere in all of GOODBloxia, with ties to the perpetrator of this entire incident in the first place. We’ve attempted to investigate but we were unable to proceed to due an Obstacle in the Enterance. What I need from you, is to find it. Find it, and somehow find a way in to see if there’s anything we can use to at least slow the hijacking of accounts and ultimately, the destruction of Goodblox as we know it. I’m sure there is more to unpack in the second image.

The time is now to work together. As one. Without teamwork and co-operation, we and the rest of Goodblox will fall. We cannot allow this to happen. Please. Help us.

Act now. As one.

A surviving past moderator.

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