November 9th 2020

Halloween 2020: Frozen Over

Apologies for the delay.
We had hoped to get this out sooner, but… better late then never, right?

Anyways, Happy (late) Halloween! After over a month of preparations, we’re finally ready to release our newest event!

Bring warm clothes

Due to an unexpected blizzard that I reported on earlier, GOODBLOX has been frozen over. But that won’t stop us from celebrating Halloween!

In this event, you’ll be able to go trick-or-treating and explore the rest of GOODBLOX for some spooky (and chilly) prizes!

Go trick-or-treating in the town! I’ll be giving out candy along with the rest of the staff.

I hope the weather conditions won’t affect anything too much.

The blizzard is kind of starting to creep me out, which I guess is appropriate for Halloween, after all. But something seems a little… off. And not to mention the fact that it’s been weeks since the blizzard first hit… something’s clearly not right.

Some GOODBLOX staff even reported some weird noises coming from their houses. It’s probably just the blizzard, I mean, it is really windy out there. But it’s best to stay safe.

Apart from trick-or-treating, there’s a lot to explore in GOODBLOX. In my last blog post, I talked about how we had to temporarily close our HQ. Even though it’s still closed, you can explore its surroundings.

The blizzard sure makes it hard to see things clearly. One of the staff told me they had some cool equipment that allowed you to navigate through storms like this, but unfortunately it was left behind at the HQ.

GOODBLOX HQ, after the blizzard hit.

There’s a forest next to the town, but if I were you… I’d stay away. That place just creeps me out, and the blizzard only makes things worse. And some people have been saying that a “beast of uneven temperament” lurks in the remote reaches of the forest… I don’t know what they’re referring to, but it doesn’t sound safe to explore.

The entrance to the forest.

The forest is a mystery. No one has stepped foot inside after the blizzard hit, and we’ve all been busy preparing for Halloween back in the town, anyway. But if you’re brave enough, maybe you can try to find a way to use the wind’s force to your advantage.

There are many things to discover in this event, and rumor has it that Jiquor might’ve even left something behind…

All the prizes you can find in this event!

This event will be open until November 22nd.
More info about the event is available in the info menu in-game.

Play the event here!

Good luck!
– rocket

October 17th 2020

Blizzard reaches GOODBLOX HQ

An update on the blizzard:

Things don’t seem to be getting any better. The blizzard is still going strong, and now it’s reached our headquarters.

Due to the the drastic weather conditions, we’ve had to temporarily close GOODBLOX HQ. I’m writing this from home, and the rest of the staff are currently trapped in their homes as well.

But don’t worry, we won’t let this unexpected blizzard interfere with the Halloween festivities we’ve been preparing, though Halloween may be… snowier than normal this year. Rest assured, Halloween is not cancelled.

We don’t know when this blizzard will end. I hope it’ll clear up soon, but we still haven’t seen any signs of it stopping.

Stay safe out there.
– rocket

Derailed prizes are no longer obtainable as we prepare for Halloween. We hope you’ve enjoyed the event!

October 11th 2020

A surprise blizzard!

A huge blizzard has been coming in from the north, covering GOODBLOX in tons of snow and ice! It’s not even winter yet, so we’re just as confused as you are.

Overnight, the blizzard reached a few classic GOODBLOX levels. Crossroads, Rocket Arena, and Glass Houses have all been affected, and they have become Frostroads, Frozen Arena, and Ice Houses!

Where did this blizzard come from? Has winter come early? Giftsplosion even started in July… Is GOODBLOX entering an ice age? No one truly knows what’s going on.

The blizzard seems to be heading towards GOODBLOX HQ, and it doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of stopping. We might even end up having a white Halloween, as bizarre as that sounds. I will keep you updated.

– rocket
(I’ll be posting on the blog now!)

September 30th 2020

Get Ready to be Derailed in Jiquor’s Final Event!

The starting area.


We are excited to announce the release of Jiquor’s final event (click here to view), literally two days before he disappears, hardly to ever be heard from again. We’re excited to release a brand new concept that is going to leave you feeling challenged and thrown off the rails…literally.

I first started work on this project back in July alone when I wanted to build something interesting. I found there were not enough cart riding places on GOODBLOX, and I felt I could build an interesting one. So for fourteen days, I built the entire framework with my own two hands (with the exception of the rails and mine carts, but they have some modifications to make it half my work). It was originally set to be a simple cart riding place where you’d go inside a giant red teapot at the end, but then I got Mehrio, our new creative director, aboard to work on scenery pieces and quality detail. In fact, this became such an interesting idea that we decided to make it a future event. So we spent a great deal of time on it with sweat and fury, and now we’re finally ready to release it out to the public this afternoon.

The Teapot photo is by my old friend Malfracture. I miss you, dude.

In this event, you will face a challenge unlike any you’ve seen on GOODBLOX. This unique event takes a classic concept of cart riding places and turns it into an exciting, challenging, and difficult adventure with concepts in cart rides unlike anything you’ve ever seen. There are four items you can obtain from the starting zone to the end of the line. Read more about the following items below:

You can find a Golden Minecart, a Cartspot, a Golden Nugget, and a Warning Sign during this event. The end time for the event is unknown, as it’s Mehrio’s decision now.

Of course, with unique concepts and a deadline we had to meet, there’s prone to be some bugs or annoying spots in the game. You’re going to have to figure out how to move past them, because Jiquor will no longer be available. Mehrio decides when he gets to close the event place as well – my assumption is he’ll close it before Halloween festivities are released to the public.

We can’t wait to see you get thrown off the tracks…or not. Moreover, we can’t wait to see you experiment with these mine carts in hopes to find interesting, limited-time rewards. As always, we put months of work into this, and we’re finally excited to release it after almost three hard months of work.

The giant red teapot you’d reach at the end of the line. Tricky, no?

An official video trailer for the event comes out tomorrow.

Jiquor and Mehrio

September 14th 2020

The Global Voting Challenge!


We need your help deciding what items should come out for the GOODFEST Catalog Sale. This survey should not take more than a couple of minutes to complete, and it can also be found as an announcement banner on the main web site.

However, it seems I need to encourage people to vote for items to come out during this special sale. Because we want you to vote, and because you want encouragement to vote, we have decided to turn this into a Global Voting Challenge.

Click here to go to the polls.

EDIT: The poll must be completed all the way, and it can’t have spammed/off-topic entries. Read the question and answer it correctly or you vote won’t be counted.


If this survey gets 50 votes, we’ll host a giveaway on Discord and Twitter! – Unlocked! Giveaways happen on September 18, 2020.
If this survey gets 100 votes, we’ll host a bonus Reign of TIX and GOODBUX before the sale starts! – Unlocked! September 19, 2020.
If this survey gets 200 votes, we’ll host a special game day at Jiquor’s Super Minigames place, combined with a brand new prize opportunity! – Unlocked! We’ll let you know when this event becomes available.
Finally, if this survey gets 500 votes, we’ll unlock some special bonuses around the site: Double tickets for place visiting, increased walkspeed in games, and one additional place slot for those who voted! – You did not meet the required votes before this date. Total votes: 202

Get voting and tell your friends.

September 14th 2020

Pink: Can We Truly Hate You?

Before GOODBLOX ran into some personal problems of its own, there was a new box that had released prior to when all the problems began. Users discovered the Speckled Pink Gift of Pinksplosion (and that’s a mouthful). Instantly, they found the description contained something about “hating pink”. I was amused that users were truly confused about this box because they kept saying they hated pink everywhere around the site – on blurbs, item descriptions, and forum posts. The list of comments has also got to be one of the longest lists I’ve ever seen on-site (which seems to be a good sign). However, this was not the case at all. If you hate pink, you do you. But I am here to reveal the truth, and nothing but the truth. If you don’t like it, then kindly delete this post from your browser history and ignore it. We don’t take kindly to complaints or insults.

In 2007, users initially got this because they owned an item with the color pink on it. We thought that was silly and clever, but we decided to brain-tease the community. Yes, the description said something about hating pink things, but how else would you hate pink things besides writing down the fact you hated pink, even if you didn’t truly mean it?

Well, some users were smart enough to avoid wearing and using pink body colors, clothing, hats, and other items altogether. Yes, even items that had a *teensy-tiny bit of pink* on them counted. We also decided to count the colors alder, lavender, and salmon because they’re lighter shades of magenta to us. Don’t agree? Your problem. You have to buy it for 100 G$ instead or leave it alone. We looked through every outfit carefully as best we could. If you were caught wearing pink colors, that’s it. This box is not for free.

But we can’t truly hate pink; I mean, this color does show toughness and this color is used to raise awareness on important topics around the world. Pink is tough, pink is cool. But if you genuinely hate the color pink, that’s too bad. We gave you this box just to spite you.

But don’t worry – there are more boxes on the horizon. A new Wanwood box just released last night, and it will be available to earn for a few days. If you made it to the end of the post, why don’t I drop a hint for you? You might as well look into uploading something in a specific category. But we’re not telling you what that requirement is specifically. Figure it out on your own, you clever GOODBLOXian, you.

We’re always watching.
– Jiquor
GOODBLOX Creative Director

September 14th 2020

A Gift Only For the Elite

In 2007, ROBLOX staff members put out two hints for the first two gift boxes: the Nice Gift and the Black Iron Gift of Pwnage. Unfortunately, after that, no more information was spread on the remaining boxes until every box had been released to the public for free.

But this time, it’s different. I am here to talk about all the boxes in detail as best I can. I’m also going to upload some cool still shots I got of the boxes while I was bored. But if you complain about not getting them, I will ignore you or ban you if you become annoying about it toward me. End of story.

Now, onto the tale…

A scary green box rose from the depths of a forbidden forest. No no, not the one like you’d find on the northwestern side of Hogwarts, but one with many tales of 1x1x1x1 and other exploiters from times past. Some say the depths of the darkest part of that forest contain a wormhole that connects to the forsaken location known as Banland, where all terminated users go to rot when they have been terminated by our merciless crack squad of moderators. This box has been said to be absolutely legendary for an abomination of reasons, and there are mysteries surrounding the founder whom crafted this cursed box to wreak horrible vengeance on ROBLOX back in December 2007.

Some say Telamon, 1x1x1x1 (and/or his counterparts), or Gamer3D created this box at an attempt to ruin Giftsplosion. When people found out the real creator of the box (JohnCarmack), we knew his evil plan, thus he wasn’t banned, but completely forbidden to access ROBLOX as a whole. As we all couldn’t have expected more, the box made its way to GOODBLOX. Users instantaneously believed JohnCarmack was the culprit, but they were surprised to find that when they messaged him, a letter might or might’ve not been sent back to their inbox, but he fooled Giftsplosion hunters into thinking this was a trap! Some users were clever enough to search his entire GOODBLOX account though, because they found this mysterious Decal
With this Decal advertising an accursed front-view version of a regular Domino Crown with a mysterious ID on the bottom right corner, users had to think harder on who the culprit was this time. Let’s look closely and think for a second; hmm, a Domino Crown…an accursed box…the number 15845…Banland…Wait a minute, now I know how some people found out who it was! It was none other than…


Fleskhjerta was one of the initial popular users to ever hit the ROBLOX scene with his cool places and intricate bloopers that left a cool mark on YouTube (when it was still genuinely cool). Banned once and threatening to quit, then being terminated in Late 2008, he vowed happiness to be off the platform and had announced his (awaiting) retirement right then and there. Of course, he did come back thirteen years later to relive memories with his fans (and he was not pleased at all), but I think he had another trick up his sleeve. He sent this box straight from the depths of his cell in Banland over to us. Users found that when they received the mysterious Elite Gift of Hax0r in their inventory in due time, they had contacted the right person. They messaged Fleskhjerta – if you were one of these users, pat yourself on the back for solving this. Salute!

It is now on sale for 400 GOODBUX for a limited time only – the most expensive of all the boxes. If you bought it, you most likely got your money’s worth. But if you aren’t satisfied, then too bad. Delete it. We don’t care. But as of now, there’s only 58 in existance.

More boxes are coming along the horizon, and there’s still time left. Keep your thinking caps on and you’ll have more of them in no time.

~ Jiquor
GOODBLOX Creative Director

July 12th 2020

Black Iron Gift of Pwnage

The masked malefactor has struck again! Late last night, he sent the web site into maintenance and distributed the gift to thousands of GOODBLOXian homes. We reported his motives a couple of days ago.

Users found that they got this mysterious (and shiny) blue box if they didn’t have a 1-day ban or more on their account record. He left a sale tag for the staff team as well, which appears to expire in 48 hours from now.

Now we have a cryptic news wire from the GOODBLOX Police commissioner Carl Burgundy:

Police Report                                          ID: 5f3759df

We’re having trouble getting to the Root of this problem. The thing is, it doesn’t square with everything we know about GOODBLOXians. See, most of them don’t break into places and leave gifts. This guy is doing the inverse. And he’s doing it fast.

The commissioner also pointed out that all the houses burglarized this time belonged to known advanced-level bloxxers and up. Whoever broke into their houses must be either supremely confident or insane. In any case, they’re dangerous and citizens should not attempt to apprehend them themselves.

– Jiquor
GOODBLOX Creative Director

July 10th 2020

Christmas…in July?

Wait a second – this is July. Why are we suddenly being festive? The answer is all over the website – some burglar broke into thousands of GOODBLOXian homes over the last few days. Nobody reported that anything was stolen, but users are beginning to see a lot of festivities around their levels and profile pages.

However, this is GOODBLOX – this means that not every box is exactly the same as it was back in 2007. That would be boring! This sort of on-site event may look familiar to some members of our community.

One thing is for sure, there’s a crazy man with a sack of gifts on the loose and no one knows when he will strike again!

Be sure to check out the rest of our updates here, with thanks from Pizzaboxer and KJF.

– Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director

July 10th 2020

The Semi-Finals!

Hello there everyone – Jiquor here again with some exciting news. We have recently completed the quarter-finals after some problems and we’re happy to get started on the semi-finals. We’ve been extremely busy this week which is why there has been a delay. Because of this, I am sad to say that I am departing back to my shelter-in-place spot on Friday night and that means I won’t be able to stream the last three matches. Sorry! I will have them pre-recorded to be premiered on YouTube once that becomes available. You can find my channel here.

To the people that lost in the quarter-finals, you had a chance to be thrown into a random numeral generator to participate once again in the semi-finals to fight another team for third place. Congratulations to the Crimson Embers for being the lucky team to fight yet again in the semi-finals.

With this being said, here’s how the last four matches will work out. Read the details below very carefully.
1. The semifinals and final may be extended in length to one hour (two 30-minute sessions).
2. The two winners go to the finals, and the two losers fight for third place. This means there are four matches left to go.
3. Only participants in the tournament will be eligible to claim prizes. If you were part of a team, but did not show up, even if the team you were in won, you do not get anything. Nope, nada, zilch, zip, zero. Don’t complain to me about it – this was on you, so be there on time when it’s your turn.
4. Message Telamon on-site or Jiquor on Discord two hours before your match starts to signify a valid delay of your tournament time. In order for this to be eligible, the other team has to confirm the change with you. If the deadline passed to message somebody, you have no choice; you must play with whatever members of your team show up. If no members show up, the other team wins by default. If nobody from either team shows up, a random number generation will determine who gets to advance to the final round.
5. All guidelines in the previous blog post still apply (click to read).
6. Finally, anyone caught shooting through the lobby walls will be kicked from the server. Do not do it.

Here’s the roster for the semi-finals.

Remember:  4,000 GOODBUX and 5 Builders Club memberships are on the line, so get your act together. Gamer3D had made a trophy for this event back in 2007 to be given to the winning team. (You’ll be able to wear it on your head like a hat – you’ll look ridiculous but everyone will know you’re a deadly with a paintball gun.) Be sure to be the winning team to win this item with fierce determination!

Best of luck.
– Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director

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