September 14th 2020

The Global Voting Challenge!


We need your help deciding what items should come out for the GOODFEST Catalog Sale. This survey should not take more than a couple of minutes to complete, and it can also be found as an announcement banner on the main web site.

However, it seems I need to encourage people to vote for items to come out during this special sale. Because we want you to vote, and because you want encouragement to vote, we have decided to turn this into a Global Voting Challenge.

Click here to go to the polls.

EDIT: The poll must be completed all the way, and it can’t have spammed/off-topic entries. Read the question and answer it correctly or you vote won’t be counted.


If this survey gets 50 votes, we’ll host a giveaway on Discord and Twitter! – Unlocked! Giveaways happen on September 18, 2020.
If this survey gets 100 votes, we’ll host a bonus Reign of TIX and GOODBUX before the sale starts! – Unlocked! September 19, 2020.
If this survey gets 200 votes, we’ll host a special game day at Jiquor’s Super Minigames place, combined with a brand new prize opportunity! – Unlocked! We’ll let you know when this event becomes available.
Finally, if this survey gets 500 votes, we’ll unlock some special bonuses around the site: Double tickets for place visiting, increased walkspeed in games, and one additional place slot for those who voted! – You did not meet the required votes before this date. Total votes: 202

Get voting and tell your friends.

September 12th 2020

Olympic Building Contest

We’re having a building contest! How exciting.

The theme for this contest is based around the 2020 Olympic Games which is modeled off where it was originally going to be hosted – in Tokyo, Japan. We want you to build a GOODBLOX place to host one of the games, and this is a great opportunity because the pandemic postponed/cancelled the Olympics in the real world, and we think a virtual contest could be fun! Once everything you want is in place there will be plenty of locations for people to play Olympics games of your own.

How to Enter

1. Make a new place with the title “Olympics2020_________” with whatever you want to call the place on the blank line.
Examples: Olympics2020 Suzuki Tanaka|Olympics2020 I’m gonna win place|Olympics2020 Long jumping range.
1a. You can use ‘2008’ instead of ‘2020’ for nostalgic reasons if you prefer. Example: Olympics2008 nostalgic place 2.

2. Your place must be on your main account and still there at the time the contest ends September 20th, 2020 at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time. The prizes will only go to your main account.

3. The place must be related to the Olympic Games. It must be about one of the Olympic sports, or about one of the locations for the Tokyo 2020 games.

4. If GOODBLOX is down, you may use ROBLOX to upload your place file. Prize earning still applies there – but prizes will be awarded on GOODBLOX when the web site is on-line.

IMPORTANT: On the Official Tokyo Olympics site, there’s a list of the sports, and a list of the locations the games are being held. Go check out the games and locations to get ideas for what you’d like your entry to be. Also it might be fun to include the Official Mascots of the games into your place somehow.

Video Contest Mini-Event

In addition to the building contest, we’re having a small video contest. To enter, post your video to YouTube or Vidlii with the following tags: GOODBLOX Olympics Tokyo. Remember to put your username and a link to the GOODBLOX website. The video can be any length but must be about GOODBLOX, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and must comply with the GOODBLOX Community Guidelines.(edited)

How to Win

Prize winners will be chosen in the following ways: At midnight (Pacific Time) after the end of the contest, we will run a database search to find the Visits count and Favorites count for entries. Our searches will know how many visits and favorites came after the start of the contest. We realize that one person may win more than one category. That is allowed. To prevent popularity loading we will not announce the winners of any prize until the end-date.

*The Mystery requirement will not be revealed until the end of the contest. Don’t ask! We may possibly give out more prizes than this, for different requirements. We reserve the right to add ways to win to the contest.

We hope to see many of our users building cool places to earn these fabulous prizes. The person with the most visits and favorites will also get special rewards too, so get going! Time is money…and items, I guess?

– Jiquor
GOODBLOX Creative Director

July 1st 2020

Paintball Tournament Updates!

June, June, June! Incredible paintball action! Skilled athletes, armed to the teeth, have won against various teams to move up in the quarter-finals! Six teams enter the gauntlet to compete for the top prizes, but only one team of five players can win! It’s all going down July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Mark your calendars! We made the diagram easier to understand in this update as well, and match times were (mostly) carefully accounted for this time.

If you are competing in the quarter-finals make sure your team knows when they’re all supposed to show up. 4,000 GOODBUX and 5 Builders Club memberships are on the line, so get your act together. Gamer3D had made a trophy for this event back in 2007 to be given to the winning team. (You’ll be able to wear it on your head like a hat – you’ll look ridiculous but everyone will know you’re a deadly with a paintball gun.) Be sure to be the winning team to win this item with fierce determination!

Here is the updated tournament schedule. Save this image to view a larger-sized version of it.

Jiquor will be managing all aspects of this tournament as per usual. He is the ultimate referee and what he says goes. When the dust settles, he’ll let us know who to award prizes to. Jiquor is back home until the 10th, so he may be difficult to contact at times. The semi-final and the final will also be live-streamed on Twitch!

Finally, don’t forget to check out the PTB team visors in the Catalog – support your favorite team with a piece of PTB memorabilia. We’ll be increasing the prices of these visors after the tournament, so act fast!

June 12th 2020

GoodBlox Paintball Tournament!

The time is nigh! We’ve kept the legendary Paintball Trophy behind the catalog for months now, and we’re happy to give you all a chance to win this exclusive item! Below, you will find instructions to sign up for the tournament, the rules/game, the bracket, and awards.
If you want to make the most out of this tournament…MAKE. SURE. YOU. READ. IT. ALL.

A. Your team can only have a maximum of five (5) players.
B. There can only be one “captain” of the team.
C. Decide your team name as a group (ex. Team Monstars).
1. Don’t pick these names: Snipers • T-Bone • Monstars • Superbrick • GOODBLOX Rogues. They will be listed as official teams that you can choose to participate in. Max 5 players.
i. Your team name cannot have the name “ROBLOX” or “Finobe” in it.
ii. Adhere to our Terms and Conditions before applying.
iii. Do not use special characters or fonts.
D. Choose your color for the team (ex: RED or SHINY PURPLE).
E. You have one week to practice for the tournament. We might give an extra week if Jiquor and/or KJF are busy with in real life stuff.
F. If you want to participate in the Monstars, the Blue Snipers, the GOODBLOX Rogues, the T-Bones, or the Superbricks, pick a team captain and decide who the members are going to be. Colors cannot be decided.
G. If your name has already been taken, the team captain will be asked to change their name. Sorry!




Team Name: Team Blue Snipers
Player1: xxxxxx
Player2: xxxxxx
Player3: xxxxxx
Player4: xxxxxx
Player5: xxxxxx
Team Color: Blue

A. The place is open during practice. Play against each other as many times as you’d like, regardless if it’s your team or not.
B. During practice mode, you can complete side quests to win four exclusive hats.
1. In tournament mode, the hats are not obtainable because we want everyone to focus on the tournament. So if you missed your chance by the time the tournament has opened, don’t complain. You had plenty of time.
C. Exploiting/cheating intentionally MULTIPLE times (except shooting through walls) will result in team disqualification and moderation against the lead exploiter.
D. Administrative assistance to help you win the tournament is not allowed.

THE GAME IS NOW OPEN FOR PRACTICE MODE. For now, decide what your teams are going to be. Don’t forget to write to Telamon.

A. Every match is one team versus the other team.
B. Losers of the semifinals fight in an extra match to determine who gets third place.
C. Every match has a scheduled time. You can delay a match up to 3 hours before it’s supposed to happen.
1. Constant delaying results in disqualification.
D. Players will be messaged 12 to 24 hours before the match will happen, and 1 to 2 hours if the match will be delayed.
E. All team members must know if they’ll be present for their turn in the tournament when it’s their time to shine.

A. The team who earns 1st Place will win 2500GOODBUX, 1 year of Builder’s Club, and The Paintball Tournament Trophy.
B. 2nd: +1000GOODBUX, 6mo of Builder’s Club
C. 3rd: +500GOODBUX, a Teapot or Teakettle Hat

We’re excited to see who prevails in the tournament, and we’re also very excited to release the level that Jiquor had been working on with Mehrio and Josh for the last two weeks. Credits go to Josh for the scenery and the bases, Mehrio for scenery placement, and Jiquor for building the framework of the level.
This Desert War theme is terrific! More information about how the tournament will work will be released as soon as possible.


– Jiquor
GOODBLOX Creative Director
– Dylan
Community Engagement Team

May 25th 2020

Video Footage Contest

Our new contest is almost here! Please welcome the month-long Video Footage Contest. You will be able to make a video of your GoodBloxian doing whatever you want (in accordance with our Terms of Service) in a GoodBlox game or on GoodBlox Studio. This is a good opportunity to be in the spotlight…but that’s not all, because you’ll also win some fabulous prizes! Details below:

WHAT: Video Footage Competition – make a short video of your character interacting in a GoodBlox game.

DURATION: This contest lasts from 5/25 to 7/1.

WHERE: Any Place of your choice!

– Your video must be under 1 minute in length.
– Your video must be uploaded to YouTube or vidlii.
– You are not allowed to use watermarks on your videos, including screen recording software that has watermarks, like Hypercam-2.
– Your video must comply with our terms of service. We will not consider it if it violates our rules. You might also be moderated. ( )
– You may work in teams, but only the leader gets the Hat prize.
– There must not be any user-interface buttons shown in the video, no audio, and no special effects. JUST footage of you playing.
One trailer per person/group only. You may participate in as many trailers as you want, but you can only create/lead one trailer.

The person with the best video according to the community and our judges will have a special white asset in their inventory that’s dedicated to them, and it will go on-sale after it has been given out.
The other top four winners with the best video will be given the asset, but it won’t be dedicated to them.

Grand prize winners (max 5) will also receive 2,000 GoodBux and an…odd hat that spies on players?!
If your footage is included in the official trailer, you will receive the special spying item in your inventory, and 500 GOODBUX.
Participants who didn’t win the top prizes will receive another special hat in their inventory, as always.

How do I enter?
If you are a user on the Discord server, submit your entry URLs into the #video-contest channel.
If you are not a Discord user, submit your entry URLs to Jiquor on-site.
Please note that all links will be checked by staff members, and your link could be moderated if it’s not approved.

We hope to see many members in this community who will participate in this contest. The place to submit your entries will become available as soon as visiting Places once again becomes available.

– Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director

May 25th 2020

Spring Block Party Winners!

Some time ago, we had an event that was to celebrate Spring, parties, and fun. Today is Memorial Day in the United States of America, which marks the unofficial start of summer. All the entries can be seen over on the Discord server until the channel is removed.

But before we get to the good stuff…

Where’s My Prize?!?!?!
The prizes are still being delivered. Please don’t send a staff member messages asking about them for a little while. If you’re listed on this post, you’ll get one of the prizes.

Winners of the Parade Prize

Unfortunately, there weren’t that many submissions for this contest in the vehicles and rides sections, which is a first in a long time. Perhaps we should’ve extended the duration of the contest? Either way, we did run it for quite a while, so if you didn’t make it in, try again when we have our next competition! The top five outfit winners were chosen as well.
The Grand Prize winner for the Party Location will have their place hosted at for the parade, and they will also receive all the prizes.
Each winner will receive the Teddy Bear Hat.

By Category…

Party Vehicles

Party Outfits (Top 5)

Party Location
Grand Prize: Mimi


Mimi’s place will be the host place for our Parade, coming soon.

Winners of the People’s Choice Prize

Winners that will be featured in our parade were picked by you, the players! They are the people’s choice for best entries, each having a lot of votes and were ranked from top to bottom. Each will receive the Party Hat and 200 GOODBUX.



Winners of the Spring Block Party Hat

Everyone who entered and still has an entry on the Discord category will receive this stylish and pointy hat as well.

We hope you enjoyed this GOODBLOX event. So many of the entries were fantastic, and especially for outfits, it was hard to pick between which ones would become the absolute victors.

We can’t wait to bring you more fun and exciting events, especially with our newest staff team members aboard!

  • Jiquor
    GoodBlox Creative Director
May 25th 2020

The GoodBlox Spring Block Party Contest

**Please note that this is an old blog post that was failed to be published. From now on, all users regardless of Discord will be notified of when a contest occurs.

The spring Block Party will be happening from 5/9-5/20. Now for the important part:

Every person who enters a valid avatar image to the #spring channel will receive the Block Party hat. The players who are chosen (by the GOODBLOX Staff) will receive an award of GOODBUX in addition to the Block Party hat.

Voting will be opened up on the SPRING CONTEST category and the top voted entries in each Category will receive a People’s Choice hat in addition to the Block Party hat.

The best vehicle, amusement ride, location, and video will be chosen by the community, then the GOODBLOX Staff – winners will get a very cuddly hat! The best place will be chosen as the hosting place (if visiting Places is back up before 5/20) for our springtime parade.

What to Build
Here are our categories to help you get started:

There will be lots of fun rides at the GOODBLOX Block Party. Design a ferris wheel, rollercoaster, bouncy castle, waterslide, or other thrilling ride for party-goers!
Party Locations
Decorate your GOODBLOX place to get it ready for the party, or construct a new place specifically for hosting the event. Will you build an elegant Victorian manor house? Or a private semi-volcanic island?
Party Vehicles
Cruise on into the party in style! Party vans, party planes, party spacecrafts! We’ll have them all!
Springtime Outfits
Don’t feel like building something? You can still participate in the Block Party by dressing up your character! Dress up your GOODBLOXian for the party. There will be a door prize for the best dressed party-machine! Remember that you can build your category out of (almost) anything! I would start now.

That’s all for now.

– Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director

April 7th 2020

DRBC:GB Winners!

Ok, here’s the deal. Four unexpected things happened in this contest: there were more entrants that we anticipated, the coronavirus pandemic had us scrambled to protect ourselves, the currency prize was decided to be too high, and there were also a number of people visiting their own places and voting for their own places to drive up visit and vote counts (and this means contest winners will no longer be decided by TOP visit counts). In response to this, I have made a few changes changes to the contest rules after the fact (so don’t bother to complain).

  1. Winners will now get 1k G$ instead of 5k G$. As our playerbase grows, we will have bigger in-game currency prizes.
  2. Because of stats/voting manipulation being an issue, we’re cancelling the top winner based on visits.
  3. Every participant that didn’t win the popular votes will get 100 G$ (new) and Lightbulb.


Figure 1: Prizes listed here.

We are giving out 1k G$, the snazzy Domino Crown, and 1 month of Builders Club membership on GoodBlox.
Send a message to Jiquor titled “Contest Winner”. In it, supply your GOODBLOX Account or YouTube account name, and tell me which account(s) you would like your prize(s) to go to. Team entries will need to decide how to divide up the prizes before messaging. After I have heard from everyone, everyone will get their stuff.

The Winners

Figure 2: Zangoose / Mario / Rocket / Flameboy96 / Heartcore.

The winners are listed in the following order: Zangoose (1st) / Mario (2nd) / rocket (3rd) / Flameboy96 (4th) / Heartcore (5th).

VBA had a nice entry as well, but because the place had completely changed, he has been disqualified. HOWEVER, VBA still wins the video portion of the contest! His YouTube Video was the most voted in the initial poll. Congratulations to all the winners!


And there you have it! All the winners will get their prizes if they message me. Likewise, keep your eye on more opportunities to enter amazing contests and play more events for exclusive prizes.

Take good care of those Domino Crown hats. Since there are only going to be 13 in existence, you can bet that they will be worth a lot if we ever allow users to resell their items for GOODBUX or Tickets. However, that is extremely, extremely unlikely, so don’t get your hopes high on that.

Until next time…

Jiquor, GoodBlox Creative Directior

April 5th 2020

Domino Rally Contest: GoodBlox Edition

Hey there GoodBloxians! Remember the Domino Rally building contest that ran in June 2007? We’re bringing it to you live on as the first real building contest on the site we’ve ever hosted. Details below – get ready to work if you want some fabulous prizes!


Contestants will compete to build the coolest “Domino Rally” styled GOODBLOX Stage. This type of stage is supposed to include lots of unanchored “domino” Bricks, such that when the first one is pushed over, others fall with it as well. For reference, Telamon’s example level in Figure 1:


There will be five winners. Winners will each receive: Builder’s Club membership, if they don’t have it already. 1000 G$ (updated to fit economy standards due to a high number of prize giveaways).
A special trophy hat exclusive to this contest.

All participants will receive the “Lightbulb” Hat for their participation!


Make a new place (preferably with a baseplate). Open GOODBLOX Studio. (Optional: Download templates via the ToolBox from the STAFF Account.) Tell people about your cool set of dominos once you’re finished with your creation!

The contest event will run until midnight on March 21st (Pacific Standard Time). At that point, the five accounts with the most votes will be declared the winners. Follow GoodBlox Terms of Service. Do not copy original Domino Rally places from the original contest.

We’re also doing the Vidlii Video Bonus: The person who makes the best video of a GOODBLOX Domino Rally map and uploads it to Vidlii will also win BC Membership, 5000 G$, and the special trophy hat. This is the video that has the most views before the deadline. Make sure that you tag your videos with the keywords “GOODBLOX” and “Domino” so that we can find them.

Get to it! You can work in teams if you like, but you will have to figure out amongst yourselves how to divide the loot if your team wins.

Best of luck to you all.
~ Jiquor, GoodBlox Creative Director

January 22nd 2020

Goodblox Emoticon Contest Results

The results are in and people have voted! It’s clear who the winners are, but we must announce them here and on the blog (at least when my family dinner is over tonight, I’ll be gone for a little while). Created by yours truly for the last five hours with lots of trial and error, each of the following winners not only get this exclusive Goodblox trophy, but they also get a hefty amount of exclusive awards for winning!

The GRAND PRIZE winner will have their submission featured on this Discord server, and they will also have it created as a new, exclusive face inside the in-site virtual Catalog, along with being awarded the hidden custom item (coming soon). They will also be awarded a special Badge, and they will be awarded 1.5k ROBUX!

The SECOND PRIZE winner will have their submission featured, they will have a badge and a special custom hat, and they will be awarded 1k ROBUX!

The THIRD PRIZE winner will have their submission featured, they will have a badge and a special custom hat, and they will be awarded 500 ROBUX!

Without further ado, here are the results!
FIRST PLACE: Goodblox User “Person”, who created the “Pete” emoticon!

SECOND PLACE: Goodblox User “lolo999”, who created the “Skeleblox” emoticon!

THIRD PLACE: Goodblox User “cohen”, who created the
“Your Best Friend” emoticon!

Figure 2: Bluebulb

Every other participant who entererd the contest will be awarded this Bluebulb, a hat originally featured in a contest from Goodblox V2! Congratulations to everyone who entered the contest. You all did great!

Finally, this will likely not be the only face uploaded to Goodblox from the emoticon contest. If you’re lucky, yours could still be uploaded at a different date. Stay positive, everyone!

Congratulations, winners!
– Jiquor, Goodblox Creative Director