May 6th 2020

GoodBlox: 1,000 Users

Last week, we reached an awesome milestone for our Revival: our 10,000th GoodBlox user account was registered by “Timothy”. I’ve seen him online occasionally, but we hope he participates in the community for a long while to come. We would love to be able to award our 1000th user some sort of prize, but we don’t have anything to give at the moment.

However, I honestly never would’ve expected to see a total of one thousand users in our growing community. I am amazed at how many of you had shown interest in our revival project, and we’re grateful for you all to be with us. I especially am grateful for our staff members who have come and gone over the years to help us keep this project strong and alive. We’ve been through some rough bumps, and we’ve still got a lot of work to do, but the most important thing is that we’re all here and we couldn’t have achieved this milestone without you. Salute!

Because of the fact that we’ve reached 1,000+ users on GoodBlox, I am pleased to announce that we’ll be having a special sale from May 8th to May 11th. Be sure to save up your currency, enter future giveaways, sell some shirts, and join our Discord server.

Maybe when the sale progresses on, our 1000th user will be fortunate enough to receive one of our most expensive sale items. But until then, look forward to this future sale which runs from May 8th to May 11th.

– Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director

December 19th 2019

We’re Public!

“And as those bricks forged together, more of them started to come together rapidly. The first level on ROBLOX was created from these bricks alone, but there was nothing else beside a mountain of bricks in the center of a lone baseplate. As ROBLOX continued to develop, humanoids were appearing out of thin air and they were sharing what they had to offer creatively. Updates revolutionized ROBLOXia, staff members came and left, and the virtual currency, Tickets, were banished from ROBLOX later on.
Suddenly, a glitch in the matrix opened a mysterious portal that humanoids before 2010 could see. Some entered this portal, leading them into the world of GoodBlox. To some, it seemed this place was a dream come true, or merely a mirage. Days later, more humanoids, even those created recently, saw these mysterious portals and stepped in for their next amazing adventures…”

The Chronicles of GoodBlox, V.68

GoodBloxians, we’ve done it. At its current state, the GoodBlox web site has released to the general public. GoodBlox is aimed to replicate ROBLOX as it was in the year 2008 in all its glory. We have things that ROBLOX no longer has that many players are going to enjoy, such as two currencies, the GoodBlox Forums, classic icons and renders, and so much more!
Of course, we are unable to make everything as it was 100% accurate, and that also goes to say that nothing and nobody is perfect. We are humans, and that means some errors will occur along the way, but we are doing our best to replicate everything as best as we can for our wonderful community. Some of those inaccuracies include never-before seen events, awesome new assets, and users + their unique id’s. However, we assure you that a lot of these features and items are necessary to make GoodBlox a successful revival. Remember: we welcome player input, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know

We have a new, never-before seen User Badge on GoodBlox, the Beta Tester Badge! This neat badge signifies users that have registered an account on GoodBlox during the beta testing period. All Beta Testers will also receive news, updates, and event information ahead of the general public, and some other awesome perks!

Finally, we have worked hard to bring GoodBlox to you, even during our busy lives. KJF and PrankedBro have a thrilling education, MrPinball64 is working a job and involved with other projects, and Jiquor is working three jobs, attending college, working on two projects, and supporting his significant other (whoa)! However, even if staff members have busy lives, we’re still working hard on GoodBlox and we do not plan on disappearing any time soon. The site is still not fully complete, so we rely on everyone to submit suggestions and bug reports – even some reports might qualify for virtual currency or a unique, never-before seen asset on GoodBlox!

Remember that you can always contact us by posting on the Goodblox Forums, and you can also message GoodBlox staff members on GoodBlox or the Discord server, where we all are to answer any questions, concerns, and comments you have about GoodBlox.

– Jiquor, GoodBlox Creative Director

November 4th 2019

Ads! Ads! Ads!

Advertising is now out for everyone, as you might have seen all over the site.

How It Works

To create an advertisement, go to an item/place you made and press “Advertise This Item”.

Download one of the templates, and create your ad. A good looking advertisement will make more people want to click it. After making your advertisement, upload it then select the size of your ad (this is important). Once uploaded, you can find your ad in your ad inventory

Once uploaded, you must wait for the ad to be accepted. When it is accepted, you can bid for your advertisement. You can only bid tickets, and the more you bid, the more impressions you will get. Try not to bid too much, but bid enough so people will see it. The ad will run for 24 hours.


Why do ads just appear as black lines?

Turn off your adblocker. It’s possibly because it has the same size as a real advertisement. We won’t show you any real advertisements.

Where do the advertisements show up?

Banners show up on the top of every page (Best size to run, but many others will be running their ads there too.)
Skyscrapers will show up on the side of the games page
Large Rectangles will show up on profile pages

What if I want a custom URL for my ad?

DM KJF on discord.


The site looks more lively now! When games come out, you’ll be able to run ads for them too. I’m sure this will help many aspiring clothes and game makers. Have fun!

Community Engagement

October 5th 2019

Welcome to Goodblox!

“In the beginning, there was nothing, and that was absolute; an absolute void where only one brick, Two-By-Two, existed in this void of nothing. Two-By-Two suddenly multiplies, resizing itself, colorizing itself, and organizing itself, and ROBLOX was born. As years went by, a gap in the fabric of our delicate, blocky universe formed seemingly out of nowhere, where it felt like something vital was missing in this universe. Out of nowhere, a vintage brick set itself to the center of this gap in our blocky universe, Classic-By-Two, which multiplied and colorized itself, about the same as many years ago. Nothing tried to stop this brick, but Classic-By-Two prevailed over Nothing, growing bigger and bigger. That world is constantly expanding as we know it.”

The Chronicles of Goodblox, VI.137

Welcome one and all to Goodblox! Goodblox is a ROBLOX revival dedicated to classic ROBLOX times in the year 2008, and we’re excited that you’ve decided to view our site, and hopefully have joined our wonderful community of players. This journal was created by the Goodblox Staff Team where they can drop hints about on-goings on Goodblox, share their thoughts about different aspects of the sandbox platform, and occasionally post sneak-peeks about what’s in the works. As we keep tinkering around with the ideas of what ROBLOX used to be like during its classic period, we have ideas of our own that will benefit Goodblox as a whole, and we’re always listening to the community, even if we are all spammed with requests and messages on a daily to daily basis. We’re always listening.

One thing about the future of Goodblox we have been thinking hard about is how we are going to be able to run the most secure client ever engineered over the history of many revival projects. In the past, that has been a problem because there have been staff members that have betrayed us during our developmental period of Goodblox, and there are always people that want to exploit our project for their own fun and benefit. With the current team we have now, we can assure all of you that we are coming up with many ways to make Goodblox extremely successful, compared to the other attempts when Goodblox was being developed.

We welcome player input, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know by posting on the Goodblox Forums. You can also write to any of our staff members in our Discord server, where we all are to answer any questions, concerns, and comments you have about Goodblox.

Since you’ve read this far, I’d like to share a little image with you. This is a sneak peek based on a feature we’re currently working on. You can enlarge the image by clicking on it, and we are working hard on making this feature live, but always remember, coding is a head-banger, no matter how good you are at it. That goes for all of us.

– Jiquor, Goodblox Creative Director