February 1st 2021

For Those of You Who Like Items

Everyone likes items! As part of our ongoing efforts to make sure all updates are posted on-site, we’re now going to be posting new items in the News. And besides, Roblox used to always post in the News whenever new items were released, so why shouldn’t we?

Anyway, we’ve got some new ones for you in the GOODBLOX catalog.

letic86 made a bunch of custom items which will be releasing every day for the next week, so make sure to check back often! As new items come out, this post will be updated accordingly.



Broken Vase – Don’t tell mom!

Studio Scaler – Form this brick with your tools to create the world you desire, or just a really cool house.


Bookreader’s Spectacles – Helps improve your shortsightedness for reading books with rather small text. Groovy!

Helicopter Pilot’s Headset – For strategizing and forming plans from the skies.


Purple Paper Crown – A perfect paper crown fit for a paper king. One more adjective would be too much!

GoodBlox Baseball Cap – Great for keeping the bright sun out of your eyes, or for looking cool. I dunno, I don’t control these things.


Dummy’s Dumbbell – Well, now that’s just improper use of gym equipment.

CRT Display – Dang, looks like that wasn’t the correct command for GB-DOS.


Plant Pot – Also see: Tin Pot.

Garden Boot – Recently fished this out of the water, what kind of person tosses a boot into a river?


Radio Antenna – Incoming transmission…

Rusty Bucket – Cheaper than a helmet, but just as good! (If you don’t mind rust.)


Dark Blindfold – Seeing is not always believing.

Bottled Up – I don’t think I want to ask how you got that on.

Stargazer – Finally, some personal space.

Happy Home – What a familiar little house…


Red Tornado – Sounds like the name of a lame 1950s super hero to me. But it looks cool.

Blue Hat of the Orient – Made of the finest blue silk, this is truly a hat fit for an emperor.


Cyan Football Helmet – “Cyan” is not a word that people throw around very much. Who remembers CGA graphics?

Master Chef – SPARTAN-II Master Chef. That’s a spicy meatball.

Pilot Hat – This one’s for Pilot Luke.



Blinky – Blinky the Fish (or simply Blinky) is a three-eyed orange fish, found in the ponds and lakes of Springfield.

Poor Man – He looks sad because he spent all his money on this face. I don’t know why you would do that, so it’s really his own fault, don’t you think?

– xyrafrost

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