November 9th 2020

Halloween 2020: Frozen Over

Apologies for the delay.
We had hoped to get this out sooner, but… better late then never, right?

Anyways, Happy (late) Halloween! After over a month of preparations, we’re finally ready to release our newest event!

Bring warm clothes

Due to an unexpected blizzard that I reported on earlier, GOODBLOX has been frozen over. But that won’t stop us from celebrating Halloween!

In this event, you’ll be able to go trick-or-treating and explore the rest of GOODBLOX for some spooky (and chilly) prizes!

Go trick-or-treating in the town! I’ll be giving out candy along with the rest of the staff.

I hope the weather conditions won’t affect anything too much.

The blizzard is kind of starting to creep me out, which I guess is appropriate for Halloween, after all. But something seems a little… off. And not to mention the fact that it’s been weeks since the blizzard first hit… something’s clearly not right.

Some GOODBLOX staff even reported some weird noises coming from their houses. It’s probably just the blizzard, I mean, it is really windy out there. But it’s best to stay safe.

Apart from trick-or-treating, there’s a lot to explore in GOODBLOX. In my last blog post, I talked about how we had to temporarily close our HQ. Even though it’s still closed, you can explore its surroundings.

The blizzard sure makes it hard to see things clearly. One of the staff told me they had some cool equipment that allowed you to navigate through storms like this, but unfortunately it was left behind at the HQ.

GOODBLOX HQ, after the blizzard hit.

There’s a forest next to the town, but if I were you… I’d stay away. That place just creeps me out, and the blizzard only makes things worse. And some people have been saying that a “beast of uneven temperament” lurks in the remote reaches of the forest… I don’t know what they’re referring to, but it doesn’t sound safe to explore.

The entrance to the forest.

The forest is a mystery. No one has stepped foot inside after the blizzard hit, and we’ve all been busy preparing for Halloween back in the town, anyway. But if you’re brave enough, maybe you can try to find a way to use the wind’s force to your advantage.

There are many things to discover in this event, and rumor has it that Jiquor might’ve even left something behind…

All the prizes you can find in this event!

This event will be open until November 22nd.
More info about the event is available in the info menu in-game.

Play the event here!

Good luck!
– rocket

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