October 17th 2020

Blizzard reaches GOODBLOX HQ

An update on the blizzard:

Things don’t seem to be getting any better. The blizzard is still going strong, and now it’s reached our headquarters.

Due to the the drastic weather conditions, we’ve had to temporarily close GOODBLOX HQ. I’m writing this from home, and the rest of the staff are currently trapped in their homes as well.

But don’t worry, we won’t let this unexpected blizzard interfere with the Halloween festivities we’ve been preparing, though Halloween may be… snowier than normal this year. Rest assured, Halloween is not cancelled.

We don’t know when this blizzard will end. I hope it’ll clear up soon, but we still haven’t seen any signs of it stopping.

Stay safe out there.
– rocket

Derailed prizes are no longer obtainable as we prepare for Halloween. We hope you’ve enjoyed the event!

October 11th 2020

A surprise blizzard!

A huge blizzard has been coming in from the north, covering GOODBLOX in tons of snow and ice! It’s not even winter yet, so we’re just as confused as you are.

Overnight, the blizzard reached a few classic GOODBLOX levels. Crossroads, Rocket Arena, and Glass Houses have all been affected, and they have become Frostroads, Frozen Arena, and Ice Houses!

Where did this blizzard come from? Has winter come early? Giftsplosion even started in July… Is GOODBLOX entering an ice age? No one truly knows what’s going on.

The blizzard seems to be heading towards GOODBLOX HQ, and it doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of stopping. We might even end up having a white Halloween, as bizarre as that sounds. I will keep you updated.

– rocket
(I’ll be posting on the blog now!)