September 19th 2020

GOODFest Catalog Sale


This week, we announced GOODFest 2020. This celebration will commemorate a whole year we’ve been up and running without completely shutting down our services. We’re excited that this community is building and we’re excited to see many more talented players create interesting things. Because of this, I promised that there will be a very special sale along with our mass event pool, which is going to run from the 20th of September to the 27th of September. In addition, there are some awesome giveaways happening on our Discord Server and our Twitter right now, so why not join us to participate in them?

Although the GOODFest Catalog Sale has not started yet, there was a poll that ran for a few days. Everyone who entered voiced their opinions for the outcome of this special sale. If your pick didn’t make it, don’t worry! This is only a preview of SOME of the items we’re putting up for the special sale. However, that doesn’t mean your pick is guaranteed to be selected. Don’t complain to me about it, or I will ban you.

How the sale is going to work:
– There will be one wave per day during the afternoon.
– There will be one currency giveaway per day. All numbers (0 to 1000) are picked by a random numeral generator.
– Items stay up throughout the 27th unless otherwise advertised in the item description. Read carefully!

Some items that are going back on-sale:

Left: Witch Hat. Center: “Teapot” Tome. Right: Candlerow.

Remember: This is just a preview of some items coming back on. This doesn’t include everything we’ve got planned.

Items being sold at a discount:

Left: Fedora. Center: Purple Banded Top Hat. Right: Red Stetson.

New Items Being Released:

What’s being released next? Here’s what 203 users have decided!

It turns out that Head Unlocker and I <3 GOODBLOX Sign have tied. This means both items will be released during this special sale. Also, users have wanted more heads to come out as well. Some new heads are going to be coming out during this sale if we have time to get them out there.

User-Made Assets Coming to GoodBlox:

Left: Milkmaid’s Stetson. Center: Bombhead. Right: Pretty Girls’ Teapot.

These are items that users had made in the before time on ROBLOX, long before the user-generated creation system. They will soon become live GoodBlox assets!

Be sure to save up your currency. You can look at some of the ways in which you can earn currency by reading the following information below:
Do something generous/helpful and be recognized for a reward.
• You can sell outfits for currency, which may be vital for earnings.
• You are boosting our Discord server, and that is always appreciated along with donations if you wish to. We always thank our supporters!
• You can also participate in our contests – every participant gets a special reward, whether they win or lose!
• We host giveaways. I host a big one only once a month unless otherwise advised.
• Promote your Place and have users join your Place.

Good luck, see you soon!
– Jiquor
GOODBLOX Creative Director


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    “Are You Awesome?”

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