September 17th 2020

Secret, Sacred Wanwood

This is it – this is real, this is the box that started it all. Wanwood was just beginning to make its reappearance in ROBLOX, back when the particular type of wood was thought to be extinct. Scientists rediscovered this type of wood back in 2007 and they found out it was not only easy to grow, but it was also growing at an alarming rate (and a single Wanwood tree would merely take no more than three days to grow into a full, beautiful tree).

When one of the trees died, a researcher at ROBLOX Headquarters discovered that Wanwood was extremely easy to shape into stuff – accessories, clothing, and even car parts. (But why?) They thought they could make interesting milestones with this newly found discovery; first there were conversations about making a crown, then a sombrero, then a mask out of this material, but then Telamon came up with the best idea. He thought he might be able to turn it into a brand new item during Giftsplosion, and so they went to create this box. Who knows what lies inside?

Telamon was surprised that the requirement of this box stumbled people’s minds, sending players into slumps of confusion. Originally, he gave it to players that said the word “tree” on an item comment, forum post, or personal blurb. When we got this gift imported over to GOODBLOX, we thought we’d spice things up a little. I originally hinted on the blog post, “Pink, Can We Truly Hate You?“, that you might have to focus on one specific category. When I saw people submitting entries into multiple categories, I discussed the requirement with my good friend (who doesn’t play), and she thought it might be better to think about all the categories instead of one. Of course, only twenty-nine boxes were obtained for free, and congratulations to those who either read my previous blog post on the Speckled Pink Gift of Pinksplosion or figured it out on their own. You can get it for 300 GOODBUX now – limited time only.

We can’t wait to see more users win some gift boxes in the near future. If you made it to the end, I should mention the Global Voting Challenge has received 182 submissions and that means you only need 18 (count, EIGHTEEN) more submissions to reach 200 submissions. If you reach 200 submissions before 11:59pm PST, you will win a bonus event at Super Minigames!

Thank you.
– Jiquor
GOODBLOX Creative Director


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