September 14th 2020

A Year to Remember

Various members of the community with KJF


It’s almost been a year since we’ve started the third reiteration of GOODBLOX, which has proven to be such a success, despite many bumps we’ve been through along the way. We have a fantastic community that’s growing beyond what we expected, we have many talented community members creating awesome content, we have items unlike you’ve ever seen in the classic days of ROBLOX, and we have an incredible staff team.

Jiquor before his termination – by “doc”

Our server was created on the 23rd of September by JackGamesFTW with assistance from other staff members. After about three or four days, I was invited to help out with the project (mostly because I’ve been in the other two inderations of this project beforehand). It’s no surprise that I took on a creative role early because of my (almost ten year experience) with ROBLOX (May 2007 – January 2017). With that, I’ve risen from a simple Administrator, to a Creative Director, and now, I’m the Co-Owner. I am proud to serve fellow GOODBLOXians, but I am more than proud to swing the banhammer too. But don’t let that discourage you from chatting with me. I’m usually friendly!

We think our mission to become A Different Revival Project has been a success. Members of the community are friendlier with one another and folks are having endless fun on the forums, various Places, and even in the comments section. This is one of the first revival projects as well to have a classic web site layout of ROBLOX, which shows how nostalgic we really are. This community is also designed to be friendlier than all the ones that have existed throughout the Old ROBLOX Community in general. We think things are looking great! But with a lot of work and updates over the horizon, we can transform this project as a whole…


I’d like to celebrate the third reiteration of GOODBLOX more than we ever have before. This is our true one year anniversary – a year in which we’ve truly stayed alive. We knew we would get there, even when the existence of GOODBLOX was uncertain at a few occasions. And we couldn’t have done it without you – the community of GOODBLOX. We couldn’t have done it without KJF, and our contributors. And even if Pranked_Bro is no longer here, we have to at thank him for at least starting the project and attempting to bring people together. Long live GOODBLOX!


Community Day – September 2020

We have a wide range of surprises for the entire community. Stuff being brought back, a special sale, a new event, and best of all, a brand new concept called Community Day. We were going to host our first Community Day on the weekend, but once we remembered our anniversary date, we had to host it on the day of our anniversary. But after that, each Community Day will be hosted on the weekends. If you complain though, I’ll ignore you or ban you. Do I need to repeat myself? You get the memo. We appreciate positivity and appreciation with a side of constructive feedback, and that shows well throughout the community.

SEPTEMBER 20: The GOODFEST Catalog Sale starts!
SEPTEMBER 21: Eggstravaganza re-opens!
SEPTEMBER 22: One day of Reign of Tickets and GOODBUX!
SEPTEMBER 23: Community Day, featuring The Golden GOODBLOXian!
SEPTEMBER 24: Lucky Item Festival re-opens!
SEPTEMBER 25: Our new event releases! Wait for details.
SEPTEMBER 26: GAME DAY: Battle Day opens! Wait for details.

On September 27, 2020, everything shuts down right when I wake up. Reign, Community Day, and Game Day abide by a schedule. The poll for the sale goes up soon, and it will start sometime on September 20, 2020.

We can’t wait for our brand new users to partake in the events that they missed back then! One thing I’d like to remind our users of: when it comes to a fear of missing out, you (mostly) don’t have to fear! We try our best to make items obtainable and events playable throughout the months to give new users a chance to earn some fabulous prizes. It doesn’t happen for every item and event, but when it does, you better take the chance!

Let’s keep bringing the community together.
One step at a time.

– Jiquor
GOODBLOX Creative Director



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