June 28th 2020

GoodBlox | Showcase #4

Hello there folks! It’s been a while since we’ve done this. Welcome to our fourth GoodBlox Showcase, where you get to vote for your favorite post, favorite user-creation, and your favorite user! However, we’re made a very special change. As of this Showcase, the Post of the Week badge is now discontinued and has been replaced with the Game of the Week badge. If you were one of the lucky users to earn Post of the Week, you have a very rare badge that’s now unobtainable! With all these votes being cast by the entire community of Goodblox, I am very happy to see that the voting numbers were up compared to the last Showcase. We received 128 votes total, which was a little shy of 150. This means you have earned the ability to participate in an epic giveaway, and a very rare custom-made item will come back for a limited time!

Recently, an ex-staff member made us all frustrated with recent calamity, but we’ve managed to take precautionary steps to address the problems that were caused, and we’re taking steps to make sure that such problems never happen again. I would also like to thank KJF and pizzaboxer for their very hard work on site and game client development. I feel very lucky to not only be the Creative Director for this revival project, but I feel lucky to be the co-owner of GoodBlox; to have KJF as my partner as we get through not only the trials and hoops that we have to jump through to make GoodBlox even better than it once was. You can read more about me and other staff members here. But enough about the staff team – let’s get on with the showcase results!

The GoodBlox Video Footage contest is about to come to an end, and the Paintball tournaments are still ongoing. Be prepared for a special sale in the month of July, which lasts from the 2nd to the 5th at 1:00pm PST! To vote for your favorite items on behalf this special sale, go here.

Creation of the Month:

Choccy Milk has been chosen as the creation of the month. This item must’ve been carefully done because this is one of those arm illusion items that simply looks pristine. Pichu, you did a wonderful job on this shirt – congratulations again!

(The Final) Post of the Month:

clockwork? more like, WORKCLOCK

by SyncMaster on Discord’s #quote-of-the-day

Ahh, workclock. The direct opposite of clockwork – he likes white chocolate, bright items, and teakettles. clockwork likes milk chocolate, dark items, and teapots. I personally wonder if workclock came directly from an alternate universe, and not from ROBLOX in itself. The origin of workclock is simply unexplainable to comprehend.

Game of the Month:

Gott’s GoodBlox Island
This island, created by Gott, is truly mesmerizing to look at from the thumbnail alone. He even used his creation to submit an entry for the Domino Rally building contest. I’ve visited the island myself. It’s well put together, there’s a lot of secrets, the world feels open, and I feel like that I’m in paradise each time I visit it. Your creation is simply amazing, and many of our users seem to agree with you on this. Congratulations on winning the first Game of the Month award! We’re still creating the badge, so yours will be sent to you later. You will get the trophy first, and your game will be pinned – this means it will be featured in our upcoming Cool Places feature on-site!

User of the Month:

Tie is the user of the month for the third GoodBlox showcase! Many of you also ended up voting for KJF and me, but since he’s the CEO and I’m the co-owner, we can’t win!
Tie is a friendly, helpful and determined player. He’s great to talk to and he can help you out when you’re having trouble. He’s also a translator for GOODBLOX and he enjoys conversing with others. Take a look at what some users said about Tie:

he’s smart and does his best to help people. (1)
telling me how to download the client and how to fix client problems. (2)
He is active, and he is very helpful for those users that are starting out. (3)

1 = Rak | 2 = cow | 3 = baby

Miscellaneous Stuff

Second to last, many of our users have voted for which hat is going to come out next, and the winner is the Ultra Stache! This was created by Mehrio. He and I are very happy to release this your way for 99 TIX! This item will come out during the Sale of Independence.

Finally, you have voted for how well KJF and I have done in the last month. For those of you who answered honestly, we’d love to hear your suggestions in the Forums and the Discord server. We’re working hard to make GOODBLOX a whole lot better. Thanks for answering both questions – they’re important to us!

And there you have it! Our fourth GoodBlox Showcase, where every user that won has new stuff which proves how far they’ve come on GoodBlox. Don’t forget to vote on your favorite item for the Sale of Independence. Remember to help others, play it safe, and be careful of your health, folks! See you on the next showcase…if not sooner.

~ Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director


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