June 22nd 2020

Paintball Tournament Match Times and Rules

The diagram below will be the general guide for the layout and times for the first half of the tournament.

Click here for the diagram.

Match times:
Find your team on the diagram, then look at the match time in red of your next match. Make sure you are not busy at this time. This diagram will not be 100% accurate though; some teams will not be able to make the times specified.

Every team will given warning of the next match they must attend by a personal message from Telamon followed by a notification from Jiquor, which will reference the diagram posted above. If a team can’t make it then the captain MUST inform Telamon no later than six hours before the match is due to start so that we can delay the match. If you don’t meet the time-frame for messaging Telamon, you have no choice but to play the match with whatever players turn up. If no players turn up, the other team moves on (“wins”) by default, so it’s important that the maximum players of your team attend for best results.

The team delaying the match must give a new range of times that they can make to attend a match within 48 hours of the time of the old match (preferably at 12pm PST). If this new time is ALSO missed by the same team, they will be disqualified. The other team needs to also be able to make it to the scheduled time.

If both teams cannot manage to reach a consensus within 48 hours, I will try my best to adjust bits, but if either team is very inflexible, they may need to be disqualified as it will only become difficult to accommodate for them later. I will be more lenient when the later stages of the tournament are reached.

If your team is in a tricky position with timezones, you may have a hard time working things out. It might be that a developer will have to judge a few matches as they could range in different timezones.

Winning a match:
A paintball match consists of two 15-minute halves, with a 2 minute break in the middle. The team that gets the most points overall (so both the first and second half scores are added together) will win the match and progress to the next stage of the tournament. Points are earned the same way as always; +4 for a KO, -4 for a WO, +10 for capturing the flag. A team can also win a match the boring way if the other team is disqualified. The other team is disqualified if no players turn up to the match, or if times and deadlines to enter the match are not upheld. I reserve the right to disqualify any team for excessive intentional cheating of any kind (not including shooting through walls – which is so hard to moderate that I will just allow it).

Extra Information and Rules:
– Matches will not actually start at the time on the chart. They will start 10 minutes~ after the time stated because some people will be slightly late.
– The actual paintball map you will fight in is basically identical to how it usually is, but there is now a viewing area with a lobby, no side quests, and a lot of scripted elements. Part count will greatly be reduced as well, and new client updates should help with less lag spikes.
– You can request for the rules to be repeated when you arrive.
– I have been talking a lot about disqualification. I will try to avoid disqualifying teams because I hate doing it, but I have many teams entering and the tournament is taking a lot of effort and time already, so I can’t afford to keep rescheduling matches.
– The semifinals and final may be extended.

Final key points:
– Check your PMs regularly the day before and during the day a match will be held. I will PM each team 24 hours before their next match. Check your PMs an hour or two before your match to see if the other team has delayed it.
– Use the Chart as much as you can.
– Make sure your whole team knows what is going on by contacting them.
– You only need to win a few matches in a row to win the whole tournament!

Good luck!
Finally, the updated list of teams.
12 teams, 60 players.

  • Team Name: Bagels
  • Player1: Plad
  • Player2:  Bevels
  • Player3: Maelstronomer
  • Player4: Vladikishere
  • Captain: Goo
  • Team Color: Institutional White
  • Team Name: S.W.A.G Revisited
  • Captain: blocky
  • Player2: tie
  • Player3: paintballbro
  • Player4: regen
  • Player5: diu
  • Team Color: Bright Red
  • Team Name: Alpha-G
  • Player1: SCP
  • Player2: salmonid
  • Player3: Vexium
  • Player4: Syncmaster
  • Captain: frog800
  • Team Color: Light Pink
  • Team Name: Crimson Embers
  • Captain: Crimson0
  • Player2: Null
  • Player3: popser
  • Player4: Devenus
  • Player5: Waluigi
  • Team Color: Bright Red
  • Team Name: Paint Killers
  • Captain: Omg
  • Player2: AdminStorage
  • Player3: vl1
  • Player4: djdjjddj
  • Player5: Smith
  • Team Color: Shiny Blue
  • Team Name: Battlemasters
  • Captain: vba
  • Player2: pichu
  • Player3: Newton
  • Player4: eloas3
  • Player5: Koopa
  • Team Color: Shiny Black
  • Team Name: Cape Horns
  • Captain: Art
  • Player2: Trail
  • Player3: doc
  • Player4: zzz
  • Player5: DOXED
  • Team Color: Bright Orange
  • Team Name: Rogues of GOODBLOXia
  • Player1: Lunaboy752
  • Player2: elek2007
  • Player3: Zereth
  • Player4: Ozn
  • Captain: rocket
  • Team color: Grey
  • Team Name: T-Bone
  • Player1: yourself
  • Player2: TehNoobShow
  • Player3: RexBoy01
  • Player4: purplemario74
  • Player5: taskmanager
  • Team color: Green
  • Team Name: Blue Snipers
  • Player1: Snipers
  • Player2: Natan
  • Player3: Shedlijorsky
  • Player4: vel
  • Player5: Dusekkar
  • Team color: Blue
  • Team Name: Monstars
  • Player1: Huberateiler
  • Player2: astrawave
  • Player3: Flameboy96
  • Player4: Novel
  • Player5: Macintosh88
  • Team color: Purple
  • Team Name: Superbricks
  • Player1: Cataskeri
  • Player2: lollolman
  • Player3: Eric
  • Player4: Andry
  • Player5: Turret777
  • Team color: Green


  1. We gon win ngl boi

    Comment by Goo — June 22, 2020 @ 1:38 pm

  2. Yo wtf why are some of my teamates in other teams lmao.

    Comment by Omg — June 23, 2020 @ 11:38 pm


    Comment by astra — June 25, 2020 @ 3:44 am

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