June 4th 2020

The Chosen One

Clockwork has done so many things to the GoodBlox foundation. He’s made us a fake version of Finobe. He broke some of our clothing. He slayed folks with the legendary Teapot Turret. What’s worse is that he hijacked Jiquor’s account to use his powers for evil instead of for good. During his rampage, he didn’t just change small things onsite, but he uploaded very creepy assets that would look as if they’d belong in a horror game. What are the chances those assets actually exist? Just today, it seems that he had changed GoodBlox back to normal.

…Or so we thought.

It seems that everything is of relation to clockwork on the GoodBlox website. The banner, the logo, and many of the buttons have been changed AGAIN. Some messages say things like this: CLOCKWORK is Free! How eerie is that?!

One GoodBlox User, regen, somehow managed to get their hands on The Nethack Man Pages. They solved some sort of puzzle that had led to them obtaining the book, and now they are deemed the chosen one to save us all from total catastrophe. Just today at the Parade, he and other users had completed a very strange obstacle course with moving Teapots, climbing structures, and even rolling spheres! Regen, the fate of GoodBlox rests in your hands. This is a different kind of war now.

However, I have found a secret backdoor that allows me to get back into my account. However, I won’t use it until clockwork pays more attention to the parade instead of the website. If I can just flip a switch in my profile that allows me to regain control while keeping intruders like clockwork out, I will be able to help restore the website to former glory. I discovered something last night as well.

UPDATE: Clockwork paid attention to the parade, and I got back in like I hoped I would. I would also like to thank Regen, because I wouldn’t have been able to completely prevent this corrupted version of clockwork from accessing my account again if it weren’t for him completing the obstacle course. With this, I was able to revert my profile and the catalog back to normal, but for some odd reason, I was not able to remove these items. Oh well, I guess we’ll just turn them into Jiquor’s special assets – which are the first two GoodBlox Administrator’s special items evar.

The parade is open now, but I warn those who are joining that clockwork might seek vengeance within the first few hours of the parade being live. I’ve also gotten word that a new rock is on the way, but of relation to what? Zangoose and letic86 are working on the item in the background. I’m sure we’ll find out what it is in the future.

Let’s fight for the greater good, people.


  1. that’s a nice t-shirt

    Comment by pichu — June 4, 2020 @ 8:13 am

  2. kinda cool

    Comment by hoel — June 4, 2020 @ 11:57 pm

  3. Epic gamer moment.

    Comment by Satan — June 8, 2020 @ 4:31 pm

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