June 4th 2020

A Different Kind of War

[9:02 PM]
This just in: Clockwork hijacked my account!!

In the background, I was secretly working on another Teapot Turret, designed to be much more powerful than Clockwork’s himself. With this Turret, I was planning to end this war entirely. But now, he managed to find out my secret plans to rid of him forever. Now, he’s hijacked my account.

He’s deleted my Teapots, changed the announcement, changed my profile, posted weird stuff on-site, and…OH MY GOSH, what could happen next?! He even has my administrative privileges…I fear for the future of the site with clockwork’s destructive behavior.

He had also created various ominous hats that were published by my account. They’re extremely eerie and I do not know what to do with them once I get my account back.

The only hope left to stop clockwork from his destructiveness is to defeat him with a book created by Telamon, as evident from Mt. GOODBLOX. Avenge me, everyone! Together, we will stop clockwork. But for now…lock your doors, hide your Teapots, and hide your levels, because he’s coming for you…

I cannot do anything to stop him any further. He’s managed to get through my barriers, and now he has my account…

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