June 28th 2020

GoodBlox | Showcase #4

Hello there folks! It’s been a while since we’ve done this. Welcome to our fourth GoodBlox Showcase, where you get to vote for your favorite post, favorite user-creation, and your favorite user! However, we’re made a very special change. As of this Showcase, the Post of the Week badge is now discontinued and has been replaced with the Game of the Week badge. If you were one of the lucky users to earn Post of the Week, you have a very rare badge that’s now unobtainable! With all these votes being cast by the entire community of Goodblox, I am very happy to see that the voting numbers were up compared to the last Showcase. We received 128 votes total, which was a little shy of 150. This means you have earned the ability to participate in an epic giveaway, and a very rare custom-made item will come back for a limited time!

Recently, an ex-staff member made us all frustrated with recent calamity, but we’ve managed to take precautionary steps to address the problems that were caused, and we’re taking steps to make sure that such problems never happen again. I would also like to thank KJF and pizzaboxer for their very hard work on site and game client development. I feel very lucky to not only be the Creative Director for this revival project, but I feel lucky to be the co-owner of GoodBlox; to have KJF as my partner as we get through not only the trials and hoops that we have to jump through to make GoodBlox even better than it once was. You can read more about me and other staff members here. But enough about the staff team – let’s get on with the showcase results!

The GoodBlox Video Footage contest is about to come to an end, and the Paintball tournaments are still ongoing. Be prepared for a special sale in the month of July, which lasts from the 2nd to the 5th at 1:00pm PST! To vote for your favorite items on behalf this special sale, go here.

Creation of the Month:

Choccy Milk has been chosen as the creation of the month. This item must’ve been carefully done because this is one of those arm illusion items that simply looks pristine. Pichu, you did a wonderful job on this shirt – congratulations again!

(The Final) Post of the Month:

clockwork? more like, WORKCLOCK

by SyncMaster on Discord’s #quote-of-the-day

Ahh, workclock. The direct opposite of clockwork – he likes white chocolate, bright items, and teakettles. clockwork likes milk chocolate, dark items, and teapots. I personally wonder if workclock came directly from an alternate universe, and not from ROBLOX in itself. The origin of workclock is simply unexplainable to comprehend.

Game of the Month:

Gott’s GoodBlox Island
This island, created by Gott, is truly mesmerizing to look at from the thumbnail alone. He even used his creation to submit an entry for the Domino Rally building contest. I’ve visited the island myself. It’s well put together, there’s a lot of secrets, the world feels open, and I feel like that I’m in paradise each time I visit it. Your creation is simply amazing, and many of our users seem to agree with you on this. Congratulations on winning the first Game of the Month award! We’re still creating the badge, so yours will be sent to you later. You will get the trophy first, and your game will be pinned – this means it will be featured in our upcoming Cool Places feature on-site!

User of the Month:

Tie is the user of the month for the third GoodBlox showcase! Many of you also ended up voting for KJF and me, but since he’s the CEO and I’m the co-owner, we can’t win!
Tie is a friendly, helpful and determined player. He’s great to talk to and he can help you out when you’re having trouble. He’s also a translator for GOODBLOX and he enjoys conversing with others. Take a look at what some users said about Tie:

he’s smart and does his best to help people. (1)
telling me how to download the client and how to fix client problems. (2)
He is active, and he is very helpful for those users that are starting out. (3)

1 = Rak | 2 = cow | 3 = baby

Miscellaneous Stuff

Second to last, many of our users have voted for which hat is going to come out next, and the winner is the Ultra Stache! This was created by Mehrio. He and I are very happy to release this your way for 99 TIX! This item will come out during the Sale of Independence.

Finally, you have voted for how well KJF and I have done in the last month. For those of you who answered honestly, we’d love to hear your suggestions in the Forums and the Discord server. We’re working hard to make GOODBLOX a whole lot better. Thanks for answering both questions – they’re important to us!

And there you have it! Our fourth GoodBlox Showcase, where every user that won has new stuff which proves how far they’ve come on GoodBlox. Don’t forget to vote on your favorite item for the Sale of Independence. Remember to help others, play it safe, and be careful of your health, folks! See you on the next showcase…if not sooner.

~ Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director

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June 22nd 2020

Paintball Tournament Match Times and Rules

The diagram below will be the general guide for the layout and times for the first half of the tournament.

Click here for the diagram.

Match times:
Find your team on the diagram, then look at the match time in red of your next match. Make sure you are not busy at this time. This diagram will not be 100% accurate though; some teams will not be able to make the times specified.

Every team will given warning of the next match they must attend by a personal message from Telamon followed by a notification from Jiquor, which will reference the diagram posted above. If a team can’t make it then the captain MUST inform Telamon no later than six hours before the match is due to start so that we can delay the match. If you don’t meet the time-frame for messaging Telamon, you have no choice but to play the match with whatever players turn up. If no players turn up, the other team moves on (“wins”) by default, so it’s important that the maximum players of your team attend for best results.

The team delaying the match must give a new range of times that they can make to attend a match within 48 hours of the time of the old match (preferably at 12pm PST). If this new time is ALSO missed by the same team, they will be disqualified. The other team needs to also be able to make it to the scheduled time.

If both teams cannot manage to reach a consensus within 48 hours, I will try my best to adjust bits, but if either team is very inflexible, they may need to be disqualified as it will only become difficult to accommodate for them later. I will be more lenient when the later stages of the tournament are reached.

If your team is in a tricky position with timezones, you may have a hard time working things out. It might be that a developer will have to judge a few matches as they could range in different timezones.

Winning a match:
A paintball match consists of two 15-minute halves, with a 2 minute break in the middle. The team that gets the most points overall (so both the first and second half scores are added together) will win the match and progress to the next stage of the tournament. Points are earned the same way as always; +4 for a KO, -4 for a WO, +10 for capturing the flag. A team can also win a match the boring way if the other team is disqualified. The other team is disqualified if no players turn up to the match, or if times and deadlines to enter the match are not upheld. I reserve the right to disqualify any team for excessive intentional cheating of any kind (not including shooting through walls – which is so hard to moderate that I will just allow it).

Extra Information and Rules:
– Matches will not actually start at the time on the chart. They will start 10 minutes~ after the time stated because some people will be slightly late.
– The actual paintball map you will fight in is basically identical to how it usually is, but there is now a viewing area with a lobby, no side quests, and a lot of scripted elements. Part count will greatly be reduced as well, and new client updates should help with less lag spikes.
– You can request for the rules to be repeated when you arrive.
– I have been talking a lot about disqualification. I will try to avoid disqualifying teams because I hate doing it, but I have many teams entering and the tournament is taking a lot of effort and time already, so I can’t afford to keep rescheduling matches.
– The semifinals and final may be extended.

Final key points:
– Check your PMs regularly the day before and during the day a match will be held. I will PM each team 24 hours before their next match. Check your PMs an hour or two before your match to see if the other team has delayed it.
– Use the Chart as much as you can.
– Make sure your whole team knows what is going on by contacting them.
– You only need to win a few matches in a row to win the whole tournament!

Good luck!
Finally, the updated list of teams.
12 teams, 60 players.

  • Team Name: Bagels
  • Player1: Plad
  • Player2:  Bevels
  • Player3: Maelstronomer
  • Player4: Vladikishere
  • Captain: Goo
  • Team Color: Institutional White
  • Team Name: S.W.A.G Revisited
  • Captain: blocky
  • Player2: tie
  • Player3: paintballbro
  • Player4: regen
  • Player5: diu
  • Team Color: Bright Red
  • Team Name: Alpha-G
  • Player1: SCP
  • Player2: salmonid
  • Player3: Vexium
  • Player4: Syncmaster
  • Captain: frog800
  • Team Color: Light Pink
  • Team Name: Crimson Embers
  • Captain: Crimson0
  • Player2: Null
  • Player3: popser
  • Player4: Devenus
  • Player5: Waluigi
  • Team Color: Bright Red
  • Team Name: Paint Killers
  • Captain: Omg
  • Player2: AdminStorage
  • Player3: vl1
  • Player4: djdjjddj
  • Player5: Smith
  • Team Color: Shiny Blue
  • Team Name: Battlemasters
  • Captain: vba
  • Player2: pichu
  • Player3: Newton
  • Player4: eloas3
  • Player5: Koopa
  • Team Color: Shiny Black
  • Team Name: Cape Horns
  • Captain: Art
  • Player2: Trail
  • Player3: doc
  • Player4: zzz
  • Player5: DOXED
  • Team Color: Bright Orange
  • Team Name: Rogues of GOODBLOXia
  • Player1: Lunaboy752
  • Player2: elek2007
  • Player3: Zereth
  • Player4: Ozn
  • Captain: rocket
  • Team color: Grey
  • Team Name: T-Bone
  • Player1: yourself
  • Player2: TehNoobShow
  • Player3: RexBoy01
  • Player4: purplemario74
  • Player5: taskmanager
  • Team color: Green
  • Team Name: Blue Snipers
  • Player1: Snipers
  • Player2: Natan
  • Player3: Shedlijorsky
  • Player4: vel
  • Player5: Dusekkar
  • Team color: Blue
  • Team Name: Monstars
  • Player1: Huberateiler
  • Player2: astrawave
  • Player3: Flameboy96
  • Player4: Novel
  • Player5: Macintosh88
  • Team color: Purple
  • Team Name: Superbricks
  • Player1: Cataskeri
  • Player2: lollolman
  • Player3: Eric
  • Player4: Andry
  • Player5: Turret777
  • Team color: Green
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June 12th 2020

GoodBlox Paintball Tournament!

The time is nigh! We’ve kept the legendary Paintball Trophy behind the catalog for months now, and we’re happy to give you all a chance to win this exclusive item! Below, you will find instructions to sign up for the tournament, the rules/game, the bracket, and awards.
If you want to make the most out of this tournament…MAKE. SURE. YOU. READ. IT. ALL.

A. Your team can only have a maximum of five (5) players.
B. There can only be one “captain” of the team.
C. Decide your team name as a group (ex. Team Monstars).
1. Don’t pick these names: Snipers • T-Bone • Monstars • Superbrick • GOODBLOX Rogues. They will be listed as official teams that you can choose to participate in. Max 5 players.
i. Your team name cannot have the name “ROBLOX” or “Finobe” in it.
ii. Adhere to our Terms and Conditions before applying.
iii. Do not use special characters or fonts.
D. Choose your color for the team (ex: RED or SHINY PURPLE).
E. You have one week to practice for the tournament. We might give an extra week if Jiquor and/or KJF are busy with in real life stuff.
F. If you want to participate in the Monstars, the Blue Snipers, the GOODBLOX Rogues, the T-Bones, or the Superbricks, pick a team captain and decide who the members are going to be. Colors cannot be decided.
G. If your name has already been taken, the team captain will be asked to change their name. Sorry!




Team Name: Team Blue Snipers
Player1: xxxxxx
Player2: xxxxxx
Player3: xxxxxx
Player4: xxxxxx
Player5: xxxxxx
Team Color: Blue

A. The place is open during practice. Play against each other as many times as you’d like, regardless if it’s your team or not.
B. During practice mode, you can complete side quests to win four exclusive hats.
1. In tournament mode, the hats are not obtainable because we want everyone to focus on the tournament. So if you missed your chance by the time the tournament has opened, don’t complain. You had plenty of time.
C. Exploiting/cheating intentionally MULTIPLE times (except shooting through walls) will result in team disqualification and moderation against the lead exploiter.
D. Administrative assistance to help you win the tournament is not allowed.

THE GAME IS NOW OPEN FOR PRACTICE MODE. For now, decide what your teams are going to be. Don’t forget to write to Telamon.

A. Every match is one team versus the other team.
B. Losers of the semifinals fight in an extra match to determine who gets third place.
C. Every match has a scheduled time. You can delay a match up to 3 hours before it’s supposed to happen.
1. Constant delaying results in disqualification.
D. Players will be messaged 12 to 24 hours before the match will happen, and 1 to 2 hours if the match will be delayed.
E. All team members must know if they’ll be present for their turn in the tournament when it’s their time to shine.

A. The team who earns 1st Place will win 2500GOODBUX, 1 year of Builder’s Club, and The Paintball Tournament Trophy.
B. 2nd: +1000GOODBUX, 6mo of Builder’s Club
C. 3rd: +500GOODBUX, a Teapot or Teakettle Hat

We’re excited to see who prevails in the tournament, and we’re also very excited to release the level that Jiquor had been working on with Mehrio and Josh for the last two weeks. Credits go to Josh for the scenery and the bases, Mehrio for scenery placement, and Jiquor for building the framework of the level.
This Desert War theme is terrific! More information about how the tournament will work will be released as soon as possible.


– Jiquor
GOODBLOX Creative Director
– Dylan
Community Engagement Team

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June 5th 2020

Wrath of the TEAPOT GOD: Grand Finale

For the past week, clockwork invaded GoodBlox and turned everything into rupturing chaos. He managed to sneak his Teapot Turret into the catalog and cause utter mayhem for us all by changing our web site, hijacking Jiquor‘s account, and bloxxing every GOODBLOXian he saw. However, his rampage is now over. Regen fought a difficult battle against clockwork in the Parade level where he ultimately prevailed in the fight. In the end, it was clear that this particular version of “clockwork” was indeed not Alex Quach himself, but rather, a corruption lost in our simplistic side of the Internet as a whole.

Months ago, we attempted to stop his reign of terror with a special Teapot Jiquor had made back in 2016 during his time at ROBLOX.

Rumors began to circulate amongst our community that clockwork was returning to GoodBlox. The question beared everyone: is it for good, or is it for evil? The answer should’ve been obvious all along. clockwork came back with horrible vengenace. Our first real clue to his return was the appearance of one famous item created by Alex Quach himself, the LOLCAT Bible.

Later, the Bible went up for sale, and clockwork’s place -Mount GOODBLOX- had been updated. The rumors ended up being true. Not only had he put the LOLCAT Bible on-sale, but he had occupied himself with the Teapot Turret. Yes, THAT particular infamous item that was used to cause destruction on many innocent blocky characters and well-built ROBLOX levels back in his regime of ROBLOX administration. He practically snuck it into the catalog.

clockwork indicated that people made fun of his teapot obsession, but he also shunned Jiquor for “stealing his pride”. He wondered what kind of vengeance he had against Jiquor compared to the rest of the community. All this time, it turns out he believed that there could only be one teapot fanatic. He sought to take every Teapot back, specifically from Jiquor.

Jiquor is just an ordinary guy who likes to collect Teapots, much like clockwork does. And yet, he still did not understand when Jiquor attempted to reason with him. When clockwork visited Mt. GOODBLOX to invade innocent climbers, rumors spread around indicating that he had left some sort of note hidden in the level.
A few hours later, SyncMaster found the element that many had spent hours upon hours of searching for. Our second clue was a gray Teapot that had been found behind a delicate wall. Upon touching the Teapot, this message would spill out:

“My turret has one weakness

(besides another turret, but what are the odds of that?)

Just don’t let a certain book enter my space.”

Jiquor even got word from KJF; clockwork had joined Mt. GOODBLOX and wreaked havoc on the mountain. He also left some javascript-code behind, which was indicating a server shutdown and a hint about The Nethack Man Pages, which is a rare book created by Telamon (John Shedletsky) himself back in 2008.

On the next day, a new blank white banner appeared on-site in the early hours of May 31st, 2020. Before Jiquor went to remove it, members of the community discovered a hidden message on the banner. This was actually the third clue! With this, he decided to leave the announcement up to see where that clue would take the community.

The mountain was also updated again. Telamon’s book was updated, too. KJF’s avatar was not looking too healthy at the time of writing. Apparently, clockwork had corrupted items available on our catalog, which included faces, Decals, and Pants. Decals are still being fixed.

*But that wasn’t the worst of all that happened. clockwork had done the unthinkable; this is what I could only describe as “the worst that’s yet to come” in the general chat rooms on our Discord server during my time of speculation. We had become some knock-off of Finobe. We suspected that Finobe had something to do with this. In the end, we were correct. Clockwork’s corruption was being delivered by their servers in hopes to destroy GoodBlox!*
*(Part of the A.R.G.)

On the next day, this turned into a different kind of war. On 9:02 PM,
June 2nd, 2020, clockwork hijacked Jiquor’s account.

Jiquor was working on another Teapot Turret behind the scenes. Clockwork discovered this, and in turn, he hijacked Jiquor’s account to stop his secret plans. With this Turret, I was planning to end this war entirely. He managed to find out my secret plans to rid of him forever.

He did what he wanted to do to me. He deleted my Teapots. He changed the announcements. He changed my profile. He posted weird messages on-site. He demoted every single staff member. He altered my levels. He bloxxed every GoodBloxian that he ever saw. He had also created various ominous assets that were published by my account. They’re extremely eerie.

Evident from Mt. GoodBlox, a particular book (The Nethack Man Pages) could stop him. Our only hope left to stop clockwork from his destructiveness was the book itself.

On the next day, it seems that someone had actually solved the puzzles that were hidden by Telamon on-site. One banner went like this:

There were also other various symbols posted onsite:

_- – This was the starting point. It would be found on an onsite announcement banner.
6 – This is the second symbol. It would be found on a forum post by Telamon that was pinned for a short while.
-5 – This is the third symbol. It would be found on an empty baseplate created by Telamon.
12 – The Nethack Man Pages’ had its description changed to include this excerpt: “>> 12 << 00 pages.” This is where the fourth symbol was.

Together, all the symbols made “_-6-512“. If you searched this up in the T-Shirts area, you found it, smart cookie! This was the fourth clue.

Users who friended or messaged NethackManPages received Telamon’s legendary accessory. Regen was the first person to solve this puzzle. The book is no longer obtainable, and it will never be for sale. Don’t bother asking for it.

Clockwork had done so many things to the GoodBlox foundation. During his rampage, he didn’t just change small things onsite, but he uploaded very creepy assets that shouldn’t have existed. Just today, it seems that he had changed GoodBlox back to normal. This was almost the case – however the banner, the logo, and many of the buttons changed a SECOND TIME. Some messages said things like this: CLOCKWORK is Free! How eerie was that?!

The user that solved the puzzles first was none other than regen, an ordinary GoodBlox user, just like you! They were deemed the chosen one to save us all from total catastrophe. Today was also Parade Day. While there, regen other users had completed a very strange obstacle course with moving Teapots, climbing structures, and even rolling spheres! This was the final clue.

While clockwork was busy paying attention to the parade so he could decide how to invade it, I got back into my account through a back-door. With this, I was able to revert my profile and the catalog back to normal after some maintenance, but for some odd reason, I was not able to remove these items in particular. Oh well, I guess we’ll just turn them into Jiquor’s special assets – which are the first two GoodBlox Administrator’s special items evar.

On the next day, the battle was on. Regen would go on to fight Clockwork during the second part of the Spring Block Party parade.

They fought for almost thirty minutes before clockwork perished as his Teapot Turret shattered. Regen is a true hero, so we’ve awarded him a very special item: The Legendary Ruby Rock of Pwnage!

With this, GoodBlox returned to normality with much rejoice. Clockwork’s wrath has now ended completely and those who completed the obstacle course (when it was broken and when it was opened) have received their items if they entered the correct code in a message sent to me. You got your 50 GOODBUX if you entered “Teapot Obstacle Prevailer” to me. Keep in mind that a shortened version like “Teapot Obby Prevailer” did not count. Sorry!

We hope to see more folks participating in cool events in the near future. We’ve got so much content planned for the summer, so if you’ve got a moment to stick around and check out what we’re doing, this summer is the right time to do that! Some special videos about the entire event will come out soon and will be available on our Youtube Channel for those to watch and enjoy. Special videos by Jiquor will be available as well – check out his YouTube channel.
Special shout-out to Dayren2 for their epic posts in regards to Clockwork’s Wrath. Read it here.

~ Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director

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June 4th 2020

The Chosen One

Clockwork has done so many things to the GoodBlox foundation. He’s made us a fake version of Finobe. He broke some of our clothing. He slayed folks with the legendary Teapot Turret. What’s worse is that he hijacked Jiquor’s account to use his powers for evil instead of for good. During his rampage, he didn’t just change small things onsite, but he uploaded very creepy assets that would look as if they’d belong in a horror game. What are the chances those assets actually exist? Just today, it seems that he had changed GoodBlox back to normal.

…Or so we thought.

It seems that everything is of relation to clockwork on the GoodBlox website. The banner, the logo, and many of the buttons have been changed AGAIN. Some messages say things like this: CLOCKWORK is Free! How eerie is that?!

One GoodBlox User, regen, somehow managed to get their hands on The Nethack Man Pages. They solved some sort of puzzle that had led to them obtaining the book, and now they are deemed the chosen one to save us all from total catastrophe. Just today at the Parade, he and other users had completed a very strange obstacle course with moving Teapots, climbing structures, and even rolling spheres! Regen, the fate of GoodBlox rests in your hands. This is a different kind of war now.

However, I have found a secret backdoor that allows me to get back into my account. However, I won’t use it until clockwork pays more attention to the parade instead of the website. If I can just flip a switch in my profile that allows me to regain control while keeping intruders like clockwork out, I will be able to help restore the website to former glory. I discovered something last night as well.

UPDATE: Clockwork paid attention to the parade, and I got back in like I hoped I would. I would also like to thank Regen, because I wouldn’t have been able to completely prevent this corrupted version of clockwork from accessing my account again if it weren’t for him completing the obstacle course. With this, I was able to revert my profile and the catalog back to normal, but for some odd reason, I was not able to remove these items. Oh well, I guess we’ll just turn them into Jiquor’s special assets – which are the first two GoodBlox Administrator’s special items evar.

The parade is open now, but I warn those who are joining that clockwork might seek vengeance within the first few hours of the parade being live. I’ve also gotten word that a new rock is on the way, but of relation to what? Zangoose and letic86 are working on the item in the background. I’m sure we’ll find out what it is in the future.

Let’s fight for the greater good, people.

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June 4th 2020

A Different Kind of War

[9:02 PM]
This just in: Clockwork hijacked my account!!

In the background, I was secretly working on another Teapot Turret, designed to be much more powerful than Clockwork’s himself. With this Turret, I was planning to end this war entirely. But now, he managed to find out my secret plans to rid of him forever. Now, he’s hijacked my account.

He’s deleted my Teapots, changed the announcement, changed my profile, posted weird stuff on-site, and…OH MY GOSH, what could happen next?! He even has my administrative privileges…I fear for the future of the site with clockwork’s destructive behavior.

He had also created various ominous hats that were published by my account. They’re extremely eerie and I do not know what to do with them once I get my account back.

The only hope left to stop clockwork from his destructiveness is to defeat him with a book created by Telamon, as evident from Mt. GOODBLOX. Avenge me, everyone! Together, we will stop clockwork. But for now…lock your doors, hide your Teapots, and hide your levels, because he’s coming for you…

I cannot do anything to stop him any further. He’s managed to get through my barriers, and now he has my account…

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