May 25th 2020

The GoodBlox Spring Block Party Contest

**Please note that this is an old blog post that was failed to be published. From now on, all users regardless of Discord will be notified of when a contest occurs.

The spring Block Party will be happening from 5/9-5/20. Now for the important part:

Every person who enters a valid avatar image to the #spring channel will receive the Block Party hat. The players who are chosen (by the GOODBLOX Staff) will receive an award of GOODBUX in addition to the Block Party hat.

Voting will be opened up on the SPRING CONTEST category and the top voted entries in each Category will receive a People’s Choice hat in addition to the Block Party hat.

The best vehicle, amusement ride, location, and video will be chosen by the community, then the GOODBLOX Staff – winners will get a very cuddly hat! The best place will be chosen as the hosting place (if visiting Places is back up before 5/20) for our springtime parade.

What to Build
Here are our categories to help you get started:

There will be lots of fun rides at the GOODBLOX Block Party. Design a ferris wheel, rollercoaster, bouncy castle, waterslide, or other thrilling ride for party-goers!
Party Locations
Decorate your GOODBLOX place to get it ready for the party, or construct a new place specifically for hosting the event. Will you build an elegant Victorian manor house? Or a private semi-volcanic island?
Party Vehicles
Cruise on into the party in style! Party vans, party planes, party spacecrafts! We’ll have them all!
Springtime Outfits
Don’t feel like building something? You can still participate in the Block Party by dressing up your character! Dress up your GOODBLOXian for the party. There will be a door prize for the best dressed party-machine! Remember that you can build your category out of (almost) anything! I would start now.

That’s all for now.

– Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director

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  1. How will u give Robux, or r u talking about good bucks?

    Comment by Hoi — May 25, 2020 @ 2:48 pm

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