May 31st 2020

Finobe – We’re Clockwork

A new blank white banner appeared on-site in the early hours of May 31st, 2020. I was going to delete it, but then the text said something about Telamon‘s “easy to read four point font with 1,200 page” book, titled The Nethack Man Pages, as discovered by some users across GoodBlox. With this, I decided to leave the announcement up to see where that would take the community. Some users even discovered a hidden secret.

The mountain was updated. Telamon’s book was updated. The banner changed, yet again. KJF’s avatar is not looking too healthy – what’s with all the lines on his avatar?!

Worst of all, it seems that Clockwork had done the unthinkable – but what I could only describe as “the worst that’s yet to come” in the general chat rooms on our Discord server.
It seems that we have become Finobe. Could Clockwork’s corruption be coming from there?

Like clockwork, only time will tell for what’s going to happen next. But this book could be our last hope to save GoodBloxia from total catastrophe…

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May 30th 2020

Clockwork has returned…

…The rumors are true. Not only had he put the LOLCAT Bible on-sale, but he has occupied himself with the Teapot Turret.

[9:47 AM]May 29, 2020

[1:24 PM]May 30, 2020
Clockwork says that people have made fun of his teapots.
I wonder what kind of vengeance he has against me the most compared to the rest of the community though? Is it because I stole his teapots? Does he think I’m going to break them?

The answer is a definite no. I’m just an ordinary guy who likes to collect Teapots, much like clockwork does. When I caught Clockwork visiting Mount GoodBlox yesterday, rumors spread around indicating that he had left some sort of note hidden in the level. I don’t know where it is though, so maybe if we work together, we can find it! He’s been a little inactive for the last few hours though, and he hasn’t been on yet today.

I wonder if he’s making the Teapot Turret even stronger. If this is the case, then it would be nearly impossible for me to stop him alone. I couldn’t even block the Teapot Turret from making its way to the catalog, and especially if it became a lot stronger, I would not be able to hold him back, especially by myself.

I wonder if the Lolcat Bible contains any secrets, too.

[9:36 PM]May 30, 2020
It seems that SyncMaster found the secret after many had spent hours upon hours of searching for his dastardly secret. A gray Teapot had been found in a delicate wall. SyncMaster can tell you more about what he found. I also got word from KJF that Clockwork joined Mt. GoodBlox and wreaked havoc on the mountain. Perhaps someone there caught him saying something or doing something unusual? Only time will tell…but this war isn’t over yet.

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May 30th 2020

Wrath of the TEAPOT GOD: Part 2

Months ago, we attempted to stop his reign of terror with a special Teapot Jiquor had made back in 2016 during his time at ROBLOX.

Albeit the fact that it worked, there are rumors of him plotting his next vengeance. But now it seems that the return of this mysterious figure is not at all a friendly revisit, but has arrived to cause more vengeance across the horizon, where the sun rises to the north.

With new items appearing on the catalog, and since there’s been a discovery of the Teapot Turret, everyone is advised to shelter in their anti-Teapot shelter places and prepare for battle.

What are the odds that they will come to their senses and lead their people to the promised land? Only time could tell during this great war…

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May 25th 2020

Video Footage Contest

Our new contest is almost here! Please welcome the month-long Video Footage Contest. You will be able to make a video of your GoodBloxian doing whatever you want (in accordance with our Terms of Service) in a GoodBlox game or on GoodBlox Studio. This is a good opportunity to be in the spotlight…but that’s not all, because you’ll also win some fabulous prizes! Details below:

WHAT: Video Footage Competition – make a short video of your character interacting in a GoodBlox game.

DURATION: This contest lasts from 5/25 to 7/1.

WHERE: Any Place of your choice!

– Your video must be under 1 minute in length.
– Your video must be uploaded to YouTube or vidlii.
– You are not allowed to use watermarks on your videos, including screen recording software that has watermarks, like Hypercam-2.
– Your video must comply with our terms of service. We will not consider it if it violates our rules. You might also be moderated. ( )
– You may work in teams, but only the leader gets the Hat prize.
– There must not be any user-interface buttons shown in the video, no audio, and no special effects. JUST footage of you playing.
One trailer per person/group only. You may participate in as many trailers as you want, but you can only create/lead one trailer.

The person with the best video according to the community and our judges will have a special white asset in their inventory that’s dedicated to them, and it will go on-sale after it has been given out.
The other top four winners with the best video will be given the asset, but it won’t be dedicated to them.

Grand prize winners (max 5) will also receive 2,000 GoodBux and an…odd hat that spies on players?!
If your footage is included in the official trailer, you will receive the special spying item in your inventory, and 500 GOODBUX.
Participants who didn’t win the top prizes will receive another special hat in their inventory, as always.

How do I enter?
If you are a user on the Discord server, submit your entry URLs into the #video-contest channel.
If you are not a Discord user, submit your entry URLs to Jiquor on-site.
Please note that all links will be checked by staff members, and your link could be moderated if it’s not approved.

We hope to see many members in this community who will participate in this contest. The place to submit your entries will become available as soon as visiting Places once again becomes available.

– Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director

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May 25th 2020

Spring Block Party Winners!

Some time ago, we had an event that was to celebrate Spring, parties, and fun. Today is Memorial Day in the United States of America, which marks the unofficial start of summer. All the entries can be seen over on the Discord server until the channel is removed.

But before we get to the good stuff…

Where’s My Prize?!?!?!
The prizes are still being delivered. Please don’t send a staff member messages asking about them for a little while. If you’re listed on this post, you’ll get one of the prizes.

Winners of the Parade Prize

Unfortunately, there weren’t that many submissions for this contest in the vehicles and rides sections, which is a first in a long time. Perhaps we should’ve extended the duration of the contest? Either way, we did run it for quite a while, so if you didn’t make it in, try again when we have our next competition! The top five outfit winners were chosen as well.
The Grand Prize winner for the Party Location will have their place hosted at for the parade, and they will also receive all the prizes.
Each winner will receive the Teddy Bear Hat.

By Category…

Party Vehicles

Party Outfits (Top 5)

Party Location
Grand Prize: Mimi


Mimi’s place will be the host place for our Parade, coming soon.

Winners of the People’s Choice Prize

Winners that will be featured in our parade were picked by you, the players! They are the people’s choice for best entries, each having a lot of votes and were ranked from top to bottom. Each will receive the Party Hat and 200 GOODBUX.



Winners of the Spring Block Party Hat

Everyone who entered and still has an entry on the Discord category will receive this stylish and pointy hat as well.

We hope you enjoyed this GOODBLOX event. So many of the entries were fantastic, and especially for outfits, it was hard to pick between which ones would become the absolute victors.

We can’t wait to bring you more fun and exciting events, especially with our newest staff team members aboard!

  • Jiquor
    GoodBlox Creative Director
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May 25th 2020

The GoodBlox Spring Block Party Contest

**Please note that this is an old blog post that was failed to be published. From now on, all users regardless of Discord will be notified of when a contest occurs.

The spring Block Party will be happening from 5/9-5/20. Now for the important part:

Every person who enters a valid avatar image to the #spring channel will receive the Block Party hat. The players who are chosen (by the GOODBLOX Staff) will receive an award of GOODBUX in addition to the Block Party hat.

Voting will be opened up on the SPRING CONTEST category and the top voted entries in each Category will receive a People’s Choice hat in addition to the Block Party hat.

The best vehicle, amusement ride, location, and video will be chosen by the community, then the GOODBLOX Staff – winners will get a very cuddly hat! The best place will be chosen as the hosting place (if visiting Places is back up before 5/20) for our springtime parade.

What to Build
Here are our categories to help you get started:

There will be lots of fun rides at the GOODBLOX Block Party. Design a ferris wheel, rollercoaster, bouncy castle, waterslide, or other thrilling ride for party-goers!
Party Locations
Decorate your GOODBLOX place to get it ready for the party, or construct a new place specifically for hosting the event. Will you build an elegant Victorian manor house? Or a private semi-volcanic island?
Party Vehicles
Cruise on into the party in style! Party vans, party planes, party spacecrafts! We’ll have them all!
Springtime Outfits
Don’t feel like building something? You can still participate in the Block Party by dressing up your character! Dress up your GOODBLOXian for the party. There will be a door prize for the best dressed party-machine! Remember that you can build your category out of (almost) anything! I would start now.

That’s all for now.

– Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director

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May 6th 2020

The GoodBlox 1k Member Sale Spectacular!

Last week, we managed to hit a total of one thousand people that have registered accounts on our GoodBlox web site. Because of this, I promised that there will be a very special sale, which is going to run from the 8th of May to the 11th of May. In addition, there are some awesome give-aways happening on our Discord Server right now, so why not join us to participate in them? If you don’t have a Discord server, we will have more give-aways that will be hosted throughout the website and the rest of our social media pages (which we must also be more vigilant about for posting new content on them).

Although the 1k Member Sale Spectacular! has not started yet, there was a poll that ran for a few days so everyone who entered could share their opinions on what should come out during this special sale. If your pick didn’t make it, don’t worry! This is only a preview of SOME of the items we’re putting up for the special sale. However, that doesn’t mean your pick is guaranteed to be selected. Don’t complain to me about it.

Some items that are going back on-sale:

Remember: This is just a preview of some items coming back on. This doesn’t include everything we’ve got planned.

Items being sold at a discount:

New Items Being Released:

NOTE: The Hand Lotion is actually now going to be Bloxy Sanitizer, which helps promote clean hands during COVID-19. This item will be given out to Beta Testers (which was meant for the month of April, so there will be a second Beta-Tester item in May), then it will go on-sale thereafter. This means the Propeller will also be discontinued when this new item becomes available.

User-Made Assets Coming to GoodBlox:

These are items that users had made in the before time, long before user-created hats. They will become live GoodBlox assets!

Be sure to save up your currency. You can look at some of the ways in which you can earn currency by reading the following information below:

There are multiple ways to success on Goodblox. Here are a few tips from me on earning currency.

• Do something generous/helpful and be recognized for a reward.
• You can sell outfits for currency, which may be vital for earnings.
• You are boosting our Discord server, and that is always appreciated along with donations if you wish to. We always thank our supporters!
• You can also participate in our contests – every participant gets a special reward, whether they win or lose!
• We host giveaways. I host a big one only once a month unless otherwise advised.
• Promote your Place and have users join your Place.

Good luck!
– Jiquor

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May 6th 2020

GoodBlox: 1,000 Users

Last week, we reached an awesome milestone for our Revival: our 10,000th GoodBlox user account was registered by “Timothy”. I’ve seen him online occasionally, but we hope he participates in the community for a long while to come. We would love to be able to award our 1000th user some sort of prize, but we don’t have anything to give at the moment.

However, I honestly never would’ve expected to see a total of one thousand users in our growing community. I am amazed at how many of you had shown interest in our revival project, and we’re grateful for you all to be with us. I especially am grateful for our staff members who have come and gone over the years to help us keep this project strong and alive. We’ve been through some rough bumps, and we’ve still got a lot of work to do, but the most important thing is that we’re all here and we couldn’t have achieved this milestone without you. Salute!

Because of the fact that we’ve reached 1,000+ users on GoodBlox, I am pleased to announce that we’ll be having a special sale from May 8th to May 11th. Be sure to save up your currency, enter future giveaways, sell some shirts, and join our Discord server.

Maybe when the sale progresses on, our 1000th user will be fortunate enough to receive one of our most expensive sale items. But until then, look forward to this future sale which runs from May 8th to May 11th.

– Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director

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May 6th 2020

Egg Madness!

The GoodBlox 2020 Egg Hunt is now over. I hope many of you enjoyed what our staff had built and coded over the course of (almost) a month, and we also hope this was one thing that’s well worth the time spent quarantining from the outside world. Here’s a scorecard for our egg hunt thus ended. About 125 players have successfully located at least one egg before the egg hunt had ended.

Secrets of the Eggs…

Fake Eggs

The above eggs appear in the “Recently Updated” section of the Catalog, but don’t actually exist. I put them in to fake out people who were watching my every move as I was setting up the Egg Hunt contest. This contest goes to 11.
However, it seems that one of them…does exist? Even I don’t know how ten people got the impossible egg of genius (except one that we gave away) which is curiously all in lower-case letters unlike the other items in our Catalog.

Puzzling Egg

The Puzzling Egg of Enigma is rather uncommon, but some people had likely encountered it. Ideally, you would’ve found it in a nice quiet area where nothing is shooting at you while you’ve got time to think.

Touching the egg makes it turn red, and then it drops a chessboard alongside it. The board shows a position where the White chess pieces could force a win in 2 moves. Say the winning move with the chat box, then the board and egg would turn green. When it sparkled, the egg would be obtainable! Knowing how chess worked would’ve helped you solve the puzzle to achieve this special Egg. Congratulations to those who managed to figure it out. It was tough for Jiquor to re-code it.

Thank you for playing this wonderful event. We will have more exciting content just like this event coming in the future. Stay Good!

– Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director

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