April 16th 2020

More Eggy Information – Part 1

As we’ve been developing and testing this event, I’ve grown to be rather shady and secretive about what I’m doing with these eggs. Even going as far as to hide critical information from certain staff members as I sit at my wide computer screen with a devilish grin on my face.

What? There are custom eggs??

Mostly everyone knows by now that GOODBLOX is beyond a simple revival project – this is not just a place where we educate those and research ourselves about how ROBLOX used to work before the online building platform became widely realistic and became a setting for inspired and popular developers that (perhaps) can actually make a living by creating interesting levels and concepts, but this is also a foundation for creativity and development among people who aspire to create with a driven and determined passion. As we seek to stay up for as long as we can, we will be applying and learning various skills in the process. We appreciate everyone’s suggestions lately!

Mushroom Egg was created by Mehrio. Camo Egg was created by Zangoose. Electrifying Egg was created by Jiquor.
You can earn all three of these during the Egg Hunt event. They are not joke eggs – they most certainly do exist.

What are these? Why weren’t they mentioned?

While these eggs may be mysterious, that is for us to know and you to find out. You might want to look at the descriptions of the eggs for clues about how you can find or obtain them…if they are obtainable, that is.

Egg Spotlight: Puzzling Egg of Enigma

Many people throughout ROBLOX History, including our staff members (that did not play during the initial 2008 Eggstravaganza Egg drop) became very confused about one egg in particular. That is the Puzzling Egg of Enigma. In fact, many players became confused that John Shedletsky had to give some big hints on how to possibly obtain this mysterious Egg with a checkerboard/ball room pattern.

Part of the secret to obtaining this item is first by reading its description. The description says “Checkmate, noobs.” If we think about it carefully, one (that even wouldn’t know how Chess works) could determine that this has something to do with a game of chess. How does that help, though? How do you solve such a complex puzzle? Well, you will need to know how chess moves work. You will also need to use your chat bar to your advantage!

The numbers (going vertically) determine where the piece is located upwards and downwards. The letters (going horizontally) determine where the piece is located right and left. When you discover the Puzzling Egg, you should take some time to figure this one out for a while. If you can be the first to solve the puzzle, you might get something terrific from Jiquor. The pieces are shown as follows: Pawns (p) / Rook (r) / Knight (n) / Bishop (b) / Queen (q) / King (k) / Bishop / Knight / Rook

For instance, “p3c” would mean “Pawn to C – 3”. Think about this sort of pattern while you try to discover the answer to this mysterious Egg.

There’s also a cool guide for beginners on how to play chess – check this video out here by BRIGHT SIDE.

If there are any more questions about various kinds of eggs, we might post more information as the event rolls on. Get out there and find those Easter eggs!

– Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director

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