April 16th 2020


GOODBLOX is hosting an egg hunt! Get hyped! The time is nigh, even after Easter! When is not a good time to start hunting for eggs?

The Eggstravaganza 2020 place took a very long time to complete, and we cannot be more proud of the result than ever. This big, special level took a little less than three weeks to build completely by hand by our staff team (which consisted of Mehrio, deo [ lead builder ], Dylan, Jiquor [ director ], mason [ ex-staff now ], and Zangoose)! After production, Jiquor spent about 14 days developing, finalizing, and coding the entire event. We then hired Jakkee as a member of the GoodBlox Staff Team, who helped Jiquor make this event possible over the last two days of testing. We also cannot thank our amazing staff members for testing the event with us to ensure minimal difficulties. Through sweat, organization, and preparation, we were able to create a level to host the Eggstravaganza event at that all users will likely find unforgettable.

Place | Staff Times | When

Our event is hosted on the Staff Account. PLAY NOW!
This event will be live 1pm 4/16/2020 to 11:59pm 4/24/2020.

Staff members could be primarily appearing at the following times:
4/16/2020 – 1pm Pacific – 5pm Pacific.
4/18/2020 – 10am Pacific – 1pm Pacific.
4/20/2020 – 10am Pacific – 3pm Pacific.
4/23/2020 – 5pm Pacific – 10pm Pacific.

Staff may show up intermittently at other times depending how we feel like it, but the above times are the scheduled staff arrival hours. During this event, there are 14* eggs to be found. We apologize ahead of time to those who have not created an account yet and have not received the Verification Badge yet. We are in the process of upgrading our systems which will be live very soon.

Discover our Eggs

There are 14* different types of eggs that you can find in this hunt. Some eggs, like the Stationary Egg of Boring (which, by the way, does absolutely nothing), can be captured by jumping on top of them. When you do so, you will see the egg disappear, likely indicating that you have won this egg. It will probably show up momentarily in your My Stuff window on your GOODBLOX Profile. Captured eggs can be worn on your head thereafter if you decide to change your avatar. Other eggs, like the Puzzling Egg of Enigma require you to solve some puzzle or condition before they will allow you to pick them up. There are hints provided in the egg descriptions. If we’re nice enough, we might be sharing more information about a specific egg.

What are you waiting for? Start earning today! You can also save the guide and print it out at home if you have a printer. If you prefer to save paper, you can save it and open it up on your computer with a photo previewer!

Good luck!

– Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director


  1. The game is still frind-only

    Comment by TehNoobShow — April 16, 2020 @ 8:15 am

  2. The game is still friend-only

    Comment by TehNoobShow — April 16, 2020 @ 8:15 am

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