April 7th 2020

DRBC:GB Winners!

Ok, here’s the deal. Four unexpected things happened in this contest: there were more entrants that we anticipated, the coronavirus pandemic had us scrambled to protect ourselves, the currency prize was decided to be too high, and there were also a number of people visiting their own places and voting for their own places to drive up visit and vote counts (and this means contest winners will no longer be decided by TOP visit counts). In response to this, I have made a few changes changes to the contest rules after the fact (so don’t bother to complain).

  1. Winners will now get 1k G$ instead of 5k G$. As our playerbase grows, we will have bigger in-game currency prizes.
  2. Because of stats/voting manipulation being an issue, we’re cancelling the top winner based on visits.
  3. Every participant that didn’t win the popular votes will get 100 G$ (new) and Lightbulb.


Figure 1: Prizes listed here.

We are giving out 1k G$, the snazzy Domino Crown, and 1 month of Builders Club membership on GoodBlox.
Send a message to Jiquor titled “Contest Winner”. In it, supply your GOODBLOX Account or YouTube account name, and tell me which account(s) you would like your prize(s) to go to. Team entries will need to decide how to divide up the prizes before messaging. After I have heard from everyone, everyone will get their stuff.

The Winners

Figure 2: Zangoose / Mario / Rocket / Flameboy96 / Heartcore.

The winners are listed in the following order: Zangoose (1st) / Mario (2nd) / rocket (3rd) / Flameboy96 (4th) / Heartcore (5th).

VBA had a nice entry as well, but because the place had completely changed, he has been disqualified. HOWEVER, VBA still wins the video portion of the contest! His YouTube Video was the most voted in the initial poll. Congratulations to all the winners!


And there you have it! All the winners will get their prizes if they message me. Likewise, keep your eye on more opportunities to enter amazing contests and play more events for exclusive prizes.

Take good care of those Domino Crown hats. Since there are only going to be 13 in existence, you can bet that they will be worth a lot if we ever allow users to resell their items for GOODBUX or Tickets. However, that is extremely, extremely unlikely, so don’t get your hopes high on that.

Until next time…

Jiquor, GoodBlox Creative Directior


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    Comment by HopNodNow — April 12, 2020 @ 11:39 pm

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