April 17th 2020

Egg Spotlight – Part 2

As we’ve been developing and testing this event, I’ve grown to be rather shady and secretive about what I’m doing with these eggs. Even going as far as to hide critical information from certain staff members as I sit at my wide computer screen with a devilish grin on my face.

Today, however, we will be talking about an Egg on-site that seems rather dull and boring to some, even though it does give us that nostalgic, cool vibe to various players across GoodBlox.

Egg Spotlight: Stationary Egg of Boring

Many people throughout ROBLOX History had collected this object, and this seems to be the case on GoodBlox. While it may merely be poached in a select spot doing zilch, there still might be a hidden secret about this particular object that remains undiscovered. In fact, many players seem to go ahead and pick eggs up, never to touch them again unless it’s by complete accident. So, why exactly are we talking about an egg that does absolutely nothing?

Stationary Egg of Boring

Part of the secret to overcoming the Egg Hunt is to collect every egg you see, even if you may have it already. The description says “My egg, it is a boring!” How does collecting every egg you see help, though? Could this be some mysterious conspiracy? Well, you will need to collect them all anyway, and collecting multiple of the same egg doesn’t hurt anybody. Search them out, and keep your eyes out…there is a possibility that one might not appear too boring after all…

If there are any more questions about various kinds of eggs, we might post more information as the event rolls on. Get out there and find those Easter eggs!

– Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director

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April 16th 2020

More Eggy Information – Part 1

As we’ve been developing and testing this event, I’ve grown to be rather shady and secretive about what I’m doing with these eggs. Even going as far as to hide critical information from certain staff members as I sit at my wide computer screen with a devilish grin on my face.

What? There are custom eggs??

Mostly everyone knows by now that GOODBLOX is beyond a simple revival project – this is not just a place where we educate those and research ourselves about how ROBLOX used to work before the online building platform became widely realistic and became a setting for inspired and popular developers that (perhaps) can actually make a living by creating interesting levels and concepts, but this is also a foundation for creativity and development among people who aspire to create with a driven and determined passion. As we seek to stay up for as long as we can, we will be applying and learning various skills in the process. We appreciate everyone’s suggestions lately!

Mushroom Egg was created by Mehrio. Camo Egg was created by Zangoose. Electrifying Egg was created by Jiquor.
You can earn all three of these during the Egg Hunt event. They are not joke eggs – they most certainly do exist.

What are these? Why weren’t they mentioned?

While these eggs may be mysterious, that is for us to know and you to find out. You might want to look at the descriptions of the eggs for clues about how you can find or obtain them…if they are obtainable, that is.

Egg Spotlight: Puzzling Egg of Enigma

Many people throughout ROBLOX History, including our staff members (that did not play during the initial 2008 Eggstravaganza Egg drop) became very confused about one egg in particular. That is the Puzzling Egg of Enigma. In fact, many players became confused that John Shedletsky had to give some big hints on how to possibly obtain this mysterious Egg with a checkerboard/ball room pattern.

Part of the secret to obtaining this item is first by reading its description. The description says “Checkmate, noobs.” If we think about it carefully, one (that even wouldn’t know how Chess works) could determine that this has something to do with a game of chess. How does that help, though? How do you solve such a complex puzzle? Well, you will need to know how chess moves work. You will also need to use your chat bar to your advantage!

The numbers (going vertically) determine where the piece is located upwards and downwards. The letters (going horizontally) determine where the piece is located right and left. When you discover the Puzzling Egg, you should take some time to figure this one out for a while. If you can be the first to solve the puzzle, you might get something terrific from Jiquor. The pieces are shown as follows: Pawns (p) / Rook (r) / Knight (n) / Bishop (b) / Queen (q) / King (k) / Bishop / Knight / Rook

For instance, “p3c” would mean “Pawn to C – 3”. Think about this sort of pattern while you try to discover the answer to this mysterious Egg.

There’s also a cool guide for beginners on how to play chess – check this video out here by BRIGHT SIDE.

If there are any more questions about various kinds of eggs, we might post more information as the event rolls on. Get out there and find those Easter eggs!

– Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director

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April 16th 2020


GOODBLOX is hosting an egg hunt! Get hyped! The time is nigh, even after Easter! When is not a good time to start hunting for eggs?

The Eggstravaganza 2020 place took a very long time to complete, and we cannot be more proud of the result than ever. This big, special level took a little less than three weeks to build completely by hand by our staff team (which consisted of Mehrio, deo [ lead builder ], Dylan, Jiquor [ director ], mason [ ex-staff now ], and Zangoose)! After production, Jiquor spent about 14 days developing, finalizing, and coding the entire event. We then hired Jakkee as a member of the GoodBlox Staff Team, who helped Jiquor make this event possible over the last two days of testing. We also cannot thank our amazing staff members for testing the event with us to ensure minimal difficulties. Through sweat, organization, and preparation, we were able to create a level to host the Eggstravaganza event at that all users will likely find unforgettable.

Place | Staff Times | When

Our event is hosted on the Staff Account. PLAY NOW!
This event will be live 1pm 4/16/2020 to 11:59pm 4/24/2020.

Staff members could be primarily appearing at the following times:
4/16/2020 – 1pm Pacific – 5pm Pacific.
4/18/2020 – 10am Pacific – 1pm Pacific.
4/20/2020 – 10am Pacific – 3pm Pacific.
4/23/2020 – 5pm Pacific – 10pm Pacific.

Staff may show up intermittently at other times depending how we feel like it, but the above times are the scheduled staff arrival hours. During this event, there are 14* eggs to be found. We apologize ahead of time to those who have not created an account yet and have not received the Verification Badge yet. We are in the process of upgrading our systems which will be live very soon.

Discover our Eggs

There are 14* different types of eggs that you can find in this hunt. Some eggs, like the Stationary Egg of Boring (which, by the way, does absolutely nothing), can be captured by jumping on top of them. When you do so, you will see the egg disappear, likely indicating that you have won this egg. It will probably show up momentarily in your My Stuff window on your GOODBLOX Profile. Captured eggs can be worn on your head thereafter if you decide to change your avatar. Other eggs, like the Puzzling Egg of Enigma require you to solve some puzzle or condition before they will allow you to pick them up. There are hints provided in the egg descriptions. If we’re nice enough, we might be sharing more information about a specific egg.

What are you waiting for? Start earning today! You can also save the guide and print it out at home if you have a printer. If you prefer to save paper, you can save it and open it up on your computer with a photo previewer!

Good luck!

– Jiquor
GoodBlox Creative Director

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April 7th 2020

DRBC:GB Winners!

Ok, here’s the deal. Four unexpected things happened in this contest: there were more entrants that we anticipated, the coronavirus pandemic had us scrambled to protect ourselves, the currency prize was decided to be too high, and there were also a number of people visiting their own places and voting for their own places to drive up visit and vote counts (and this means contest winners will no longer be decided by TOP visit counts). In response to this, I have made a few changes changes to the contest rules after the fact (so don’t bother to complain).

  1. Winners will now get 1k G$ instead of 5k G$. As our playerbase grows, we will have bigger in-game currency prizes.
  2. Because of stats/voting manipulation being an issue, we’re cancelling the top winner based on visits.
  3. Every participant that didn’t win the popular votes will get 100 G$ (new) and Lightbulb.


Figure 1: Prizes listed here.

We are giving out 1k G$, the snazzy Domino Crown, and 1 month of Builders Club membership on GoodBlox.
Send a message to Jiquor titled “Contest Winner”. In it, supply your GOODBLOX Account or YouTube account name, and tell me which account(s) you would like your prize(s) to go to. Team entries will need to decide how to divide up the prizes before messaging. After I have heard from everyone, everyone will get their stuff.

The Winners

Figure 2: Zangoose / Mario / Rocket / Flameboy96 / Heartcore.

The winners are listed in the following order: Zangoose (1st) / Mario (2nd) / rocket (3rd) / Flameboy96 (4th) / Heartcore (5th).

VBA had a nice entry as well, but because the place had completely changed, he has been disqualified. HOWEVER, VBA still wins the video portion of the contest! His YouTube Video was the most voted in the initial poll. Congratulations to all the winners!


And there you have it! All the winners will get their prizes if they message me. Likewise, keep your eye on more opportunities to enter amazing contests and play more events for exclusive prizes.

Take good care of those Domino Crown hats. Since there are only going to be 13 in existence, you can bet that they will be worth a lot if we ever allow users to resell their items for GOODBUX or Tickets. However, that is extremely, extremely unlikely, so don’t get your hopes high on that.

Until next time…

Jiquor, GoodBlox Creative Directior

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April 5th 2020

GoodBlox | Showcase #3

Hello there folks! Welcome to our third GoodBlox Showcase, where you get to vote for your favorite post, favorite user-creation, and your favorite user as a whole! With all these votes being cast by the entire community of Goodblox, I am not shocked that the voting numbers were down compared to the last Showcase. We only receive 53 votes total. However, with the recent work we’ve been doing on the website, we’re inching closer to more exciting things, and more people are beginning to hear of our fabulous project.
Recently, pranked_bro left the scene. Some of my roles as the Creative Director are to oversee user creations, direct new events, help simmer down drama, keep relations between staff in good standing, and to also learn from being a part of GoodBlox as a whole. However, as of January 2020, I am now the co-owner of GoodBlox and am very lucky to have KJF as my partner as we get through not only the trials and things on our to-do list left for GoodBlox, but also as we both brave the coronavirus pandemic from different sides of the world. You can read more about me and other staff members here. But enough about me; let’s get on with the showcase results!

We’re still working on the final winners for the Domino Contest, but we’ll list the top ten finalists here for now! Those finalists are:

vba RIP Blocky deo FlameBoy96
boost Mario rocket Heartcore Zangoose

These awesome builders have something to be proud of, and remember that it’s not over until it’s over. The final results go up tomorrow, so get ready!

Creation of the Week Month:

Windows Auegh Edition [70+ SALES] has been chosen as the creation of this month. This humoring shirt is not only looking classy, but this shirt is also well done. It’s not very expensive, either, sitting at 70+ sales. Buy yours today – Tay has made some very fantastic clothing!

Post of the Week Month:

“Guys I got bad news. We haven’t even realized it. The No Face Virus continues to spread on GoodBlox. So far at least a 100 users got the disease. There is no cure or vaccine. Sooner or later we will all be blind. God save GoodBlox.”

by Fork on Discord

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to rock every major area (except Antartica), this message was posted before this rose to great concerns like they are now. Although satire, we’re glad this turned out not to be a big problem for GoodBlox users as we continue our work with changing up how rendering works.

User of the Week Month:

Zangoose is the user of the month for the third GoodBlox showcase! Many of you also ended up voting for me…again. Since I run the showcase, and since I am the co-owner, I am disqualified! Zangoose is a friendly, helpful and determined staff member on our web site. He rose quickly through becoming a regular player, to a big helper and community role model, to an awesome staff member that has made some fantastic things for our playerbase. He has also definitely helped users out when they are having trouble. He’s humorous and enjoys conversing with others. One user writes the following about Zangoose:

“Zangoose makes good assets for GoodBlox and he helps people in need.”

– cole

Finally, many of our users have voted for which hat is going to come out next, and the winner is the Content Deleted Mask! This was created by Zangoose and Jiquor, so we’re both happy to release this your way for 404 TIX (hah)! Like always, this won’t be the only thing coming that was listed in the poll. Look forward to the Hand Lotion, Stage Fright, and Feather Crown as well.

And there you have it! Our third GoodBlox Showcase, where every user that won has not only been awarded shiny new badges which shows how far they’ve come on Goodblox but they’ve been awarded this snazzy red Showcase Trophy as well. Lastly, users have voted for a new badge: game of the week! Remember to help others, play it safe, and be careful of your health, folks! See you on the next showcase…if not sooner. And please, please, for me, stay safe during this global pandemic that has rocked everyone’s world.

~ Jiquor, GoodBlox Creative Director

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April 5th 2020

Domino Rally Contest: GoodBlox Edition

Hey there GoodBloxians! Remember the Domino Rally building contest that ran in June 2007? We’re bringing it to you live on goodblox.xyz as the first real building contest on the site we’ve ever hosted. Details below – get ready to work if you want some fabulous prizes!


Contestants will compete to build the coolest “Domino Rally” styled GOODBLOX Stage. This type of stage is supposed to include lots of unanchored “domino” Bricks, such that when the first one is pushed over, others fall with it as well. For reference, Telamon’s example level in Figure 1:


There will be five winners. Winners will each receive: Builder’s Club membership, if they don’t have it already. 1000 G$ (updated to fit economy standards due to a high number of prize giveaways).
A special trophy hat exclusive to this contest.

All participants will receive the “Lightbulb” Hat for their participation!


Make a new place (preferably with a baseplate). Open GOODBLOX Studio. (Optional: Download templates via the ToolBox from the STAFF Account.) Tell people about your cool set of dominos once you’re finished with your creation!

The contest event will run until midnight on March 21st (Pacific Standard Time). At that point, the five accounts with the most votes will be declared the winners. Follow GoodBlox Terms of Service. Do not copy original Domino Rally places from the original contest.

We’re also doing the Vidlii Video Bonus: The person who makes the best video of a GOODBLOX Domino Rally map and uploads it to Vidlii will also win BC Membership, 5000 G$, and the special trophy hat. This is the video that has the most views before the deadline. Make sure that you tag your videos with the keywords “GOODBLOX” and “Domino” so that we can find them.

Get to it! You can work in teams if you like, but you will have to figure out amongst yourselves how to divide the loot if your team wins.

Best of luck to you all.
~ Jiquor, GoodBlox Creative Director

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April 5th 2020

A week of miniature surprises!

Wow, March is full of craziness! Friday the 13th, Pi Day, and St. Patrick’s Day are all around the corner. While we’re hosting other events, we’ve decided to release some miniature events that are available and running for a limited time only! Read carefully for more information on these limited time events.

Friday the 13th: Some say that the number thirteen is the root of one’s ill fortune while some cultures believe that this number is a symbol for good fortune. Some even tie these special dates of the year to horrifying lores that have been shared. On GoodBlox, we’re running a limited time, special sale that involves the release of a strange mask and a few other assets. You can find our catalog here.

Pi Day: We will be uploading some Pi Day related assets available for a limited time only. You can find our catalog here.

St. Patrick’s day: Good fortune is around the corner! Do you believe in your inner luck? Limited stuff is available for a small amount of time and we’re also hosting a sweet giveaway on our Discord server. There will also be a livestream.


We’re good.

~ Jiquor, GoodBlox Creative Director

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April 5th 2020

Introducing the Lucky Item Festival!

This event is now closed until next time.

Hello everyone, and happy March! With our staff team peppy and rolling healthy, we’re pleased to announce that many new changes to GoodBlox.xyz have been implemented. We’re back and better than ever!

I am pleased to announce March’s new event, The Lucky Item Festival, which launches tomorrow morning. Likewise, we have two more major events happening in March as well.

In this event from March 6 to March 11, 2020, you get to hop into a cool place made by Jiquor and explore the virtual world to find special spring themed items and other amazing goods that are available for a limited time only! In this event, players will be able to solve puzzles, collect raining objects out of the sky, avoid explosive things, and compete for rare items! This event is also special because you don’t only get to find the items that are scattered throughout the event, but you also get to KEEP them as well, even when the event ends! There are eleven items available.

We recommend you start contacting @BadBlox (the Support Account) on our Discord server to obtain the Verification Badge before you hop into this event Place. Likewise, we recommend you start inviting your friends to GoodBlox as soon as possible. We are getting very close to 1,000 members!!

Purchase the VIP shirt to gain access to awesome items throughout the event place, such as the Dive tool to lunge for rare items before anyone else gets close to them. When the event closes at a later date, it won’t be gone forever! The event will open again from time to time, and there will also be times when the items will be available on-sale for a limited time only! What are you waiting for? Get out there and play today!

  • TO VISIT THE PLACE TO START EARNING TODAY, GO HERE: https://goodblox.xyz/games/view?id=504
  • TO GRAB THE VIP SHIRT FOR REWARDS, GO HERE: https://goodblox.xyz/catalog/item?id=3550

This event is now closed until next time.

~ Jiquor, GoodBlox Creative Director

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