January 23rd 2020

GoodBlox Showcase #1

Goodblox Maintenance Banner by Flameboy96
used for Showcase #1 to introduce the showcase

Hello there folks! Welcome to the all new Goodblox Showcase, where you get to vote for your favorite post, favorite user-creation, and your favorite user as a whole! With all these votes being cast by the entire community of Goodblox, we are always looking for new faces to be featured on Goodblox so we can not only show everyone how amazing Goodblox has thrived over these last couple months, but where we can also show those users that they have done extremely cool things that the rest of the community seems to enjoy.
As the Creative Director of Goodblox, I firmly believe user creation is important, but I also firmly believe that maturity and professionalism is what truly makes an excellent, updating Goodblox User and staff member as well. Without further ado, here are the results!

Textbooks have appeared throughout the catalog, and they are all being sold for 15 R$ until April 21st, where the majority of them will go off-sale or become Ticket-priced items. One book by cole, “100 Reasons to Blame Jiquor” is the prize for collecting every textbook that’s on sale for 15 R$ (including Teapot Tome for 100 R$). Blocky was the first user to get them all first! Congratulations.

Creation of the Week:

According to the poll, the winner is…Metalhead’s “Blame Jiquor” shirt! Not only is this shirt a humorous parody of the “Blame Telamon” shirt, but the Jiquor avatar (which was worn by me four/five months ago) is very well drawn. Congratulations for creating this awesome content, Metalhead!

Post of the Week:

According to the poll, the winner is…DeadlyUmbreon’s “is jiquor allah” post on our Discord server! Jiquor China was a close second (why do they always have to do with me?) What happens when you post something immediately after someone says something, and it lines up in a weird way that makes sense? Something that’s out of context! That’s exactly what happened here. Congratulations, DeadlyUmbreon! You were very lucky.

User of the Week:

The User of the Week is none other than, according to the poll… OBORLEX! Many of you also ended up voting for me, but since I run the showcase, and since I am a Good Leader, I am disqualified! According to many users, Oborlex is considered to be a helpful Goodbloxian that gives very constructive feedback and is humorous among users. He shares very helpful information, gives very constructive feedback, interacts well with users, and also creates good textures for the community. One user writes the following about him, which I 100% agree with entirely:

“Very active user and has contributed a lot to the community with some of the textures he made for example.”

– deo

Finally, many of our users have voted for which hat is going to come out next, and I personally don’t want to do just one. Even if the victor was Frozen Antlers, as some of you know I am still an aspiring 3D modeler. I firmly believe that creating all three of these assets will shape up my 3D modeling skills, so please look forward to seeing Helm of the Chilly Winds, Frozen Antlers, and Icy Top Hat in the Goodblox Catalog in the near future! Even after Winterstravaganza has finished, they will still be uploaded for all users to enjoy.

Last of all, I want to name Shull (Mason) as our best employee for this showcase. He’s proven to not only be very informative and helpful but very mature and interactive with the community as a whole. Go Mason!

And there you have it! Our very first Goodblox Showcase, where every user that won has not only been awarded the final gift (The Chosen Gift of Stewardship) but they have also been awarded shiny new badges as well which shows how far they’ve come on Goodblox. Thank you to Metalhead for your creativity, thank you to Oborlex for their helpful, constructive feedback, and thanks to DeadlyUmbreon for matching up with my humorous quote which was hilariously funny, even for being out of context. To all that voted, thank you very much. See you all in the next Showcase!

~ Jiquor, GoodBlox Creative Director

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January 22nd 2020

Goodblox Emoticon Contest Results

The results are in and people have voted! It’s clear who the winners are, but we must announce them here and on the blog (at least when my family dinner is over tonight, I’ll be gone for a little while). Created by yours truly for the last five hours with lots of trial and error, each of the following winners not only get this exclusive Goodblox trophy, but they also get a hefty amount of exclusive awards for winning!

The GRAND PRIZE winner will have their submission featured on this Discord server, and they will also have it created as a new, exclusive face inside the in-site virtual Catalog, along with being awarded the hidden custom item (coming soon). They will also be awarded a special Badge, and they will be awarded 1.5k ROBUX!

The SECOND PRIZE winner will have their submission featured, they will have a badge and a special custom hat, and they will be awarded 1k ROBUX!

The THIRD PRIZE winner will have their submission featured, they will have a badge and a special custom hat, and they will be awarded 500 ROBUX!

Without further ado, here are the results!
FIRST PLACE: Goodblox User “Person”, who created the “Pete” emoticon!

SECOND PLACE: Goodblox User “lolo999”, who created the “Skeleblox” emoticon!

THIRD PLACE: Goodblox User “cohen”, who created the
“Your Best Friend” emoticon!

Figure 2: Bluebulb

Every other participant who entererd the contest will be awarded this Bluebulb, a hat originally featured in a contest from Goodblox V2! Congratulations to everyone who entered the contest. You all did great!

Finally, this will likely not be the only face uploaded to Goodblox from the emoticon contest. If you’re lucky, yours could still be uploaded at a different date. Stay positive, everyone!

Congratulations, winners!
– Jiquor, Goodblox Creative Director

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January 19th 2020

Winterstravaganza is here!

What a year we’ve had! Our website has launched to the public and we’re many steps closer to finishing Goodblox as a whole. Our staff team has been doing all they can to monitor players and communicate with players, and we have been busy trying to solve problems and issues as we speak. We understand that there’s folks that would like to sign up for our revival-sandbox-platform, and to do so you must message one of us for an Ignition Key. We prefer you join our Discord server first to do so.

At the very moment, we’re just getting around to wrapping up our Emoticon Contest where the top winner will get a hefty prize, which also includes a custom made trophy that uses not one, but TWO meshes from the 2007-2009 era. Right now you can go ahead and vote on your favorite one by visiting this survey and completing it: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/N5HS98J

Some of you may have been seeing mysterious gift boxes appearing throughout these recent few days. These are very special boxes that are awarded to users when they do something that the gift requires them to do. Why not try looking at the descriptions of the gift boxes to determine what the requirement is? They might give some sort of clue.
For the rest of Winterstravaganza, the following is happening:
– A Winter event is going on, which is a custom-made Giftsplosion to celebrate our recent feats and the Winter season as a whole.
– Winter-themed stuff will be uploaded all month long. That includes stuff that isn’t winter themed because we’re behind on the catalog’s schedule.
– We will be featuring a Winter Showcase, where the winners will get a fantastic badge for being a Showcase Winner, and those badge holders will also walk away with The Ice Crown and a trophy!


Welcome to the GoodBlox Showcase section! Users will be able to test their creation skills, knowledge skills, and helpfulness skills to be able to win Goodblox Showcases. People who win the showcase will be featured in a blog post, and they will win a super cool trophy and some virtual currency on-site. Please remember our rules and respect them. At the very moment, there are three badges that depict what winners get when they win a section of that Showcase:

Starting from Left: “Creation of the Week” | “User of the Week” | “Post of the Week”

Our first showcase launches on January 24th, 2020! The results will be announced on the twenty-sixth of two-thousand-twenty, January.

Thank you all for your support!
~ Jiquor, Goodblox Creative Director

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