November 4th 2019

Ads! Ads! Ads!

Advertising is now out for everyone, as you might have seen all over the site.

How It Works

To create an advertisement, go to an item/place you made and press “Advertise This Item”.

Download one of the templates, and create your ad. A good looking advertisement will make more people want to click it. After making your advertisement, upload it then select the size of your ad (this is important). Once uploaded, you can find your ad in your ad inventory

Once uploaded, you must wait for the ad to be accepted. When it is accepted, you can bid for your advertisement. You can only bid tickets, and the more you bid, the more impressions you will get. Try not to bid too much, but bid enough so people will see it. The ad will run for 24 hours.


Why do ads just appear as black lines?

Turn off your adblocker. It’s possibly because it has the same size as a real advertisement. We won’t show you any real advertisements.

Where do the advertisements show up?

Banners show up on the top of every page (Best size to run, but many others will be running their ads there too.)
Skyscrapers will show up on the side of the games page
Large Rectangles will show up on profile pages

What if I want a custom URL for my ad?

DM KJF on discord.


The site looks more lively now! When games come out, you’ll be able to run ads for them too. I’m sure this will help many aspiring clothes and game makers. Have fun!

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